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12 HEB Shopping Hacks To Save You Time and Money

Updated: Mar 28

As a dedicated HEB shopper, I thought I had uncovered all the best shopping tips. However, after polling my Instagram audience, including some HEB insiders among my followers, I was pleasantly surprised by the truly amazing HEB shopping secrets they shared with me.

Now armed with everyone's insider knowledge, I'm excited to pass on these invaluable tips to you, dear reader. Get ready to enhance your next HEB trip with the best insider advice! 12

Go at The Best Time To Shop

There's a unanimous agreement among my followers that the best time to shop at HEB is first thing in the morning. The produce is freshest, meat gets marked down, and the store is typically well-stocked from the previous night, creating an optimal shopping experience. Plus, the store tends to be less crowded during these early hours.

While many HEB stores open as early as 6 AM, this may not suit everyone's schedule.

Personally, I've found Thursday and Friday nights after 8 PM to be my favorite times to shop. The stores are usually quiet, being restocked for the next day. Thursdays often see exciting new items hitting the shelves before the weekend rush, while Fridays bring in a surge of inventory in preparation for weekend shoppers.

Of course, there are some downsides, like having to dodge pallets occasionally, especially on Fridays. However, the peaceful shopping experience and relaxed atmosphere make it worthwhile, unless you have Friday night plans (a luxury I've forgotten since having infants).


Celebrate $7 Sushi Wednesdays

Sushi Wednesday is a must-know secret! Every Wednesday, indulge in select HEB Sushiya rolls for just $7 each.

Personally, I'm hooked on the California Combo – three delectable rolls for only $7.

There's also now a $7 Sushiya hot bowl Saturday deal, featuring made-in-house fried rice and noodle meals. Only select stores have the equipment to make these bowls so you won't find this option at every HEB location.


Wait it Out For BIG Deals on Ham

After a holiday, keep an eye out for discounted hams – their prices tend to drop significantly as days pass post-holiday, often reaching discounts of $10 or even $20 around 20 days after the event. Don't hesitate to stock up by purchasing two and freezing one for later – it's a savvy move you won't regret!


Buy 6 Bottles of Wine, Get 10% Off

Another money-saving tip at HEB is their ongoing deal on wine: buy 6 bottles and enjoy a 10% discount. This means if you opt for bottles under $10, you essentially get the sixth one for free!

Keep an eye out for holiday wine deals as well (pictured above) – Rosé all daayyy,


Check for the Freshest Dates on Made-In-Store Perishables

After the fourth time I brought home a bakery item with a sell-by date for the next day, my husband jokingly reminded me, 'You HAVE to check the dates, babe.' Lesson learned!

This simple extra step of checking expiration dates can save you from pastries that go bad too soon.

And here's a bonus tip: remember to peek at the back and bottom of the stack for the freshest goodies. HEB, like many stores, often places items with shorter shelf lives at the front. So, lift, check, and enjoy fresh donuts for days!


Wait for 25% off Beauty Events To Purchase That Eyeliner

Want to splurge on a fancy makeup or hair care product, but don't want to spend the dough? HEB is doing 25% off beauty events more frequently now - up to 4 or 5 times a year. So if you can wait, snag it during an event and get a big discount.


If You're Not Using Your App for Coupons, You're Missing Out

HEB has something called "Digideals" that are exclusive to their app. The best thing to do is to always check the app before going shopping. Add relevant coupons to your list and know what Meal Deals to be on the lookout for. Which leads me to...


Keep An Eye Out For Meal Deals and Combo Locos

HEB's Meal Deals are like culinary treasures, offering you the chance to buy the main course and score your sides and condiments for free.

For instance, I recently snagged a deal where purchasing two bags of fajita meat came with complimentary chips, salsa, and veggies. It's like a complete meal package in one go!

Similarly, Combo Loco offers another great opportunity to save. You buy one item and get another for free, often pairing complementary snacks or sides.

For instance, purchasing Hershey's chocolate might come with free graham crackers and marshmallows for s'mores. During the Super Bowl season, I scored a Combo Loco deal for Easy Melt, which included a free slow cooker liner, chili, and Rotel – perfect for a game day gathering!


Check For New Coupons on Wednesdays

Speaking of coupons...

At HEB, coupons typically kick off on Wednesdays and wrap up on Tuesdays. While some coupons last for a week, others might span several weeks, so it's worth checking periodically as not all refresh simultaneously.

Here's the golden rule: check your app every Wednesday for exciting new coupons. Then, here's a pro tip – use my late-night Thursday or Friday night shopping strategy to snag all those free meal deal items before they vanish over the weekend. There's nothing worse than missing out on those freebies due to the weekend rush!


Follow People Who Post Cool HEB Stuff

In a shameless plug, make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok for interesting items. Instagram is where I'm most active by far.

Here are some of my fellow foodie friends you should also follow for cool HEB stuff:

@littlecajunhouse for shopping and recipes

@texasfrugalfinds for coupons

@snackantoio for snack reviews

@trumpetmaster77 for BBQ sauce and rub reviews

@wheelsinaustin_ for recipes

@caramel_chris for recipes & kitchen organization tips

@puropinchesa for HEB shopping, culture and tacos

@breshell for Frisco/DFW HEB news


Use The App to Make Your List

Did you know your HEB app automatically organizes your list based on the flow of the store? My clever followers informed me of this and it's revolutionary. It also tells you what aisle each item is on. Mind blown!

The items are organized from the entrance at produce all the way through my normal flow to the exit. They even added plants at the beginning that I'd usually grab on my way in.

If you are in a relationship and like to share a list, you can share a login. Additionally, my husband and I use the Microsoft To-Do List app. You can add items while your partner is at the store and watch them check them off via push notifications. It's another option that has worked well for us.


Always Buy Fresh, Warm Tortillas

More of a life hack than a shopping hack. Buy the tortillas. You'll be happier.

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