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6 Best New HEB Groceries - August 2022

The latest and greatest new products at HEB this August

HEB Frozen Meal Bowls

HEB launched 9 new meal bowls this month, including many mac & cheese options (I think they have us figured out), several Italian options and two asian meals.... but it's mostly mac & cheese. Buffalo, BBQ, smoked brisket, and chicken bacon ranch mac & cheese.

We tried the smoked brisket potato bowl and it's delicious. Very smoky. The potatoes only look like the photo before you swirl them, which you're instructed to do. Afterwards, it's kind of a goopy mashed potato/brisket mess. But a really tasty one. We still loved this. Maybe add a little extra bbq sauce.

We also tried the orange chicken. It has about 5 pieces of big breaded chicken, rice, veggies, and you get to pour the sauce so you can choose the amount. I loved this detail, because I would usually add a bit less. The sauce flavor is really delicious, the veggies weren't too mushy like they tend to be with other frozen options. This is also a win! I'll purchase it again.

Shamefully, we haven't tried any of the mac n cheese bowls yet. But I saw Little Cajun House tried the brisket mac & cheese. Here's her video.

Winter Candles

The latest HEB "Flavor Favorites" candles have debuted and they are all Fall and Winter scents. I like all of these, except Hot Cocoa, which I'm just not a chocolate candle kind of girl.

Glazed donuts is the only one that smells nothing like its label. I thought it was a more of a cologne scent mixed with a bakery item. I still really liked it, but I wasn't catching a whiff of donut.

Cinnamon apple pie is nice and spicy, Candy Cane has a sharp mint smell but not overly so. There's some sweetness there, it's a nice balance. I was also pleasantly surprised with sugar cookie. Go and sniff these for yourself!

Limited Edition Bourbon Barrel Sausages

It's baaaackk! This is one of my absolute favorite limited edition items from this past year. I was so sad to see them leave a couple of months ago, (they were replaced with jalapeño popper sausages), but they seem to be back in full force. Other customers confirmed for me that it's not a fluke. They've popped up all over. Must have been a high demand! Catch them before they leave the shelf again.

Hatch Products

All the hatch is back. If you're a spice fan, take advantage of these goodies before they're gone. These typically follow the three-week Hatch festival at Central Market, which was named Hatchstock this year, an homage to Woodstock that featured hippie vans and hippie pepper decor strewn about the store. The final day of Hatchstock was Tuesday August 23rd, but there will likely be some lingering products.

Some notable favorites among HEB fans: hatch & lime cookies, hatch bacon, hatch sausages, hatch apple pie, hatch ranch, hatch cheese, and even hatch sushi rolls at Sushiya.

If you visit Central Market the hatch options increase vastly. The bakery for example, has every hatch baked good you could possibly imagine. Hatch brioche, hatch brownies, hatch baguettes. See below the video from our visit.

Pumpkin Spice Milk

I'm adding this to the list even though it wasn't my favorite. A lot of folks were excited about it and that's what matters.

I found this flavor to be lacking depth. Really sweet and lots of spices, but it's just missing something. So many others disagree and so I encourage you to make up your own mind. Just remember a $2 bottle deposit is added to your receipt in addition to the listed price in the store. You get the $2 back the next time you visit and bring the empty bottle to the cashier.

My favorite flavor of the Volleman's milk is Cappuccino. I could drink it all day.

Fall Soaps

Limited Edition hand and dish soaps have actually been on the shelves for several months, but now the collection is complete with the Dia de los Muertos soap also re-appearing. All four are return scents, which is surely a testament to how popular they are.

Spice apple cider and pecan pumpkin would be my picks.

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