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8 HEB Products Under $5 That I Absolutely Love

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

There's nothing like finding those hidden HEB gems that are both affordable and incredibly tasty. Here's a list of my favorites $5 and below.

HEB Fresh Ranch Dressing

HEB fresh ranch dressing made in the store

The fresh ranch dressing in the produce section is so worth it if you have a party or event where you're going to be able to consume it in a couple of days. Or if you're just really hungry for some ranch. It does have an expiration date so make sure you have a plan. It's usually under $4 for a smaller bottle.

HEB Twisters

HEB Mexican hot chocolate twisters oreos

HEB's version of an Oreo. This is one of the HEB brand products that is in really close competition with the name brand. The Mexican Hot Chocolate and Mochaccino flavors are my favorite. A bag will cost you only $3.07.

Queso Blanco

HEB queso blanco and queso classic

HEB has a variety of queso flavors from classic to pork sausage, but Queso Blanco is the winner here. Perfection. Grab one for $4.11.

String Cheese Bites

HEB grilled cheese string cheese bites

HEB debuted string cheese bites in 2021 and I've been a fan. They're easy to snack on and no plastic peeling is involved. For something different, try the grilled cheese or jalapeno flavors. $2.87 each.

Fresh Flour Tortillas

HEB flour tortillas

Come on, you didn't really think this list would continue without some flour tortillas did you? Regular flour, butter, keto... you really can't go wrong. Yes, even the keto ones are good. A 20 count bag is around $4, 10 count is $2.30.


HEB cheese puffs

HEB has all sorts of amazing chip options, but they're particular good at puffs. They also have limited edition flavors throughout the year that are worth trying, like hot sauce, honey and carolina reaper pepper. These are around $2.76 each or occasionally 2 for $5.

Mac n Cheese Shells

HEB mac n cheese

We had to include the Three Cheese Shells because they're a favorite budget pick in our family. The secret is adding extra shredded cheese at the end till it's all melty and extra cheesy goodness. Can't beat this side dish, now at 70¢.

Italian Sodas

Central Market organic italian soda, guava dragonfruit

An easy way to feel fancy on a budget is to grab a few of these Central Market Italian Sodas. Despite the CM name, these are sold at your standard HEB. I've tried almost all of the flavors and I highly recommend the passionfruit strawberry and guava dragonfruit. Make a cocktail, or simply pour over ice for a fancy mocktail. Some of these are really good mixed with lemonade as well. $2.53 each or occasionally 2 for $4.

That's my list. What are your favorite cheap HEB products? Let me know!

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