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8 HEB Items to Splurge On

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

HEB finds that are worth spending a little extra dough on. Go ahead, treat yo self.

HEB Fresh Squeezed Juice

HEB fresh squeezed tangerine juice

I am absolutely in love with the fresh squeezed juice options at HEB. Tangerine is probably my favorite, but it's seasonal. Some stores also have a fresh lemonade in the Summer, but neither of mine ever seem to have it available. You can usually pick up the fresh OJ year-round and often small bottles of fresh lime juice for your margaritas.

For an in-store fresh pressed/fresh squeezed option, this is actually relatively affordable compared to a juice bar or a store like Whole Foods. The one I'm holding in the photo is a large, 3 lb jug. You can get a smaller one for around $5 if you want to splurge a little less.

Fancy Pasta Sauce

Central Market Toscana pasta sauce with chianti wine, sold at HEB

This is my most frequent splurge. I love a good pasta sauce and you can really taste the difference when you spend $6-8 versus $3. I've tried several and I really like the Central Market Toscana with chianti wine, which you can purchase at HEB (not just Central Market). The Michael's of Brooklyn sauce is also really amazing.

If you do find yourself at Central Market, we recently tried two flavors from the Jersey Italian Gravy brand that we absolutely loved. The tomato basil was my favorite, but the Arrabiata is good if you want a little kick. Hoping this brand makes its way to HEB soon.

Deli Meat or Cheese

HEB deli meat boar's head london broil top round over roast beef

You might not have considered this, but the fresh HEB deli meat and cheese is out of this world compared to the pre-packaged options. It's something many of us pass everyday without giving a second glance, but if you're ready to splurge, you can make some killer sandwiches by lingering here a bit longer. We occasionally like to purchase the maple ham pre-sliced, but when my Mother-In-Law comes to town, she buys the best, fresh roast beef for french dip sandwiches.

I'm not suggesting you have to spend $22 for this splurge. She purchases quite a bit of meat at a time for the french dips and it lasts us for several meals. My husband and I pay about $8 for the maple ham when we choose to partake. The pre-sliced cheese is pretty similar to that in price. An option like a white cheddar is always a winning choice.

All the Jam!

Stonewall kitchen raspberry peach champagne jam

I guess you could call me jam-obsessed in addition to HEB-obsessed. I LOVE jam. I love trying new flavors, I love offering a selection to guests who visit our house. It's one of my favorite things. I wish HEB had a better selection of jams, but Central Market more than makes up for it. Just watch this video below of our latest Central Market jam run.

Out of all of the jams I've tried, Raspberry Peach Champagne Jam from Stonewall Kitchen remains one of my all-time favorites. You can find it at many HEBs, however the jam selection varies widely between stores.

This jam is around $7 so I definitely consider it a splurge.

Quality or Unique Meat

HEB rack of lamb for $35.24

HEB has some really interesting meat options if you're looking to splurge for an extra special meal, or just want to mix it up for Saturday night dinner. Top quality steak, lamb, dino ribs, brisket. My store even had whole pigs a couple of months ago. Thankfully, they were in a box so as not to traumatize unsuspecting passers by.

On That Note, Top Shelf Bacon

Better than good pecan smoked bacon sold at HEB

Bacon is getting pricey, so we usually just go for the HEB regular cut package. But once in a while we decide to go for Gold. There are so many options to choose from, from Pitmaster Bacon, Dry Cured, to smaller brands like this Pecan Smoked option.

The one we didn't think was worth the extra price was the Central Market Natural Cherrywood Smoked Bacon, unfortunately.

Maple Syrup

Tree Hive Maple Syrup and Honey sold at HEB in a glass jar with a yellow label

Maple syrup can be quite pricey, running up to about $13.50 for the nicest brand at HEB. This maple syrup + honey is a syrup we really like and it will cost you about $10. It does last us quite a while as we're not eating pancakes everyday. At least that's how we justify the splurge.

Vinegar or Oil

Champagne vinegar sold at HEB

I don't know about your store, but my HEB has really been amping up the vinegar and oil selections over the last several years. There's a much wider variety offered now, and the prices vary greatly. I feel very intrigued by these sections, but I'm not much of an aficionado in either area.

If you love to experiment with cooking, consider splurging here and trying new kinds. Then come back and tell me all about them, because I really want to know!

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