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Discontinued HEB Products Texans Want Back

Sometimes an HEB fan favorite item disappears from the store forever and we're left wondering why.

The Texas grocery chain also does a good job rotating limited edition items that keep us excited, but when it's really good we wish they'd keep it forever.

So I asked my audience:

What HEB Product do you wish would make a comeback?

Here's what Texas shoppers want to see back on HEB shelves, like, yesterday.

Sangria Soda

Sangria and Strawberry Bliss Limited Edition Soda at HEB

A favorite with my husband and step dad, this Sangria soda was fruity, sweet and absolutely refreshing on a hot Summer day. The limited edition sodas haven't been on the shelves in over a year. I've often wondered why.

Cinnamon Honey Pecan Cream Cheese

cinnamon honey pecan cream cheese HEB

Everything about this sounds amazing.

Honey Jalapeño Rotisserie Chicken

Over 9 years ago, HEB had a honey jalapeño rotisserie chicken that fans were gaga over. Just read this thread. Unfortunately, there's not a photo to be found online.

Butter Rum and Pistachio Muffins

Two muffin flavors from the HEB bakery that are sorely missed. These sound like they definitely need a comeback.

Winter Wonderland Ice Cream

White chocolate ice cream with roasted almonds and cherry almond flavored candies. Nom.

Mango Chamoy Twisters

Mango chamoy twisters were last spotted in 2019. Mango cookies with chamoy-flavored creme and bits of chamoy candy. Sweet and spicy, with just enough of a kick.

Horseradish Cheddar Cheese

A premium hard cheddar cheese combined with natural horseradish flavor. No telling why this left, but fans want it back.

Raspberry Chipotle Ranch Dip

According to HEB's website: "An unexpected twist on regular ranch, our H‑E‑B Raspberry Chipotle Ranch Dip combines juicy Raspberry flavor with bold, smoky chipotle."

Dessert Hummus Flavors

Cake batter, lemon meringue and sea salt caramel hummus all once graced the shelves at HEB. Of the dessert hummus options, chocolate is the only man left standing.

Slam Duncan-O's

An HEB exclusive from 2017. Slam Duncan O's paid tribute to San Antonio Spurs player Tim Duncan and featured honey nut o's mixed with chocolate puffs. They put a 6 box limit per customer so that fans didn't grab up too many at once.

You can currently buy an unopened box on ebay for $15-30.

Rodeo Dish Soap

Leather-scented dish soap, sounds weird but it was so unique and 1000% Texan.

HEB Shipping

I get asked about this a lot, and sadly HEB no longer ships items. They have been investing a lot in "e-commerce fulfillment centers" recently, but at present there's only mention of using them for curbside and local delivery.

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Frozen Juice!!! Especially Cranberry. The frozen juice is now down to one shelf in the freezer!! WTF???


Krystal D Romike
Krystal D Romike
Aug 29, 2022

The Korean BBQ potato chips. Literally the best chips I have had in my life.


Please bring back HEB brand Prime Steak dry rub spice. It was the best steak rub ever!!!

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