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Eggnog Milk & BIscuit Bites - The Best New HEB Groceries - October 2023

The latest and greatest new products at Texas Grocery store chain H-E-B this October.

Cafe Ole Holiday Coffee

Cafe ole christmas flavors pods  at HEB grocery stores in Texas

The return of Cafe Ole's Holiday flavors is eagerly anticipated by many, some even stock up to savor them for months to come.

Apple Pie Wine

Oliver apple pie wine at HEB grocery stores in Texas

Spotted at the HEB Cooking Connection: Apple Pie Wine. It's a cold-pressed apple wine with vanilla notes. This gem boasts a 4.7-star rating on, with many noting its sweeter yet delicious profile.

Sister Schubert's Biscuit Bites

Sister schubert's biscuit bites, filled with gravy  at HEB grocery stores in Texas

Biscuit on the outside, gravy on the inside. That Sister Schubert sure does have something figured out. I can't wait to try these!

Limited Edition Soda - Vanilla Cola, Candy Cane Soda

 HEB Limited Edition vanilla cola and candy cane soda at HEB grocery stores in Texas

Two beloved limited edition soda flavors are back on the shelves: HEB Vanilla Cola and Candy Cane Soda. These were seasonal staples before COVID, and we've eagerly awaited their return.

All The Crazy Grape Flavors!

Cotton Candy, Gum Drop, Moon Drop, Fruit Punch, and Candy Heart grapes are all currently available in stores, each offering a completely unique grape experience.

New Meal Simple Desserts

Meal Simple Dessert apricot and almond bake  at HEB grocery stores in Texas

In October, I came across two new HEB Meal Simple desserts: Almond & Apricot Bake and Cinnamon & Sugar Pull Apart Bread.

The Apricot Bake features almond cake with apricot filling and white chocolate chips.

The Cinnamon & Sugar Pull Apart Bread has mini pieces of cream cheese biscuits, coated in a blend of brown sugar, white sugar, and cinnamon, then topped with mini butter dollops.

Frank's RedHot Snack Rolls

Frank's RedHot Snack Rolls  at HEB grocery stores in Texas

I discovered Frank's RedHot Snack Rolls in the freezer section. They come in three tempting flavors: Buffalo-style chicken, Ranch bacon, and Jalapeño & Cheese.

Holiday Turkey Queso

Holiday turkey queso with cranberry glaze  at HEB grocery stores in Texas

HEB's Holiday Turkey Queso boasts white American cheese, shredded turkey breast, and diced sweet onions, green bell pepper, jalapeños, celery, and green onion, all topped with a zesty cranberry chipotle sauce.

This unique flavor combination may have surprised some of my followers, but I can attest it's truly delicious. We've purchased it twice!

Volleman's and 1836 Farms Eggnog

Volleman's eggnog milk  at HEB grocery stores in Texas

Both Texas milk brands, Volleman's and 1836 Farms, offer seasonal flavors that will exceed your expectations. For the holidays, they both introduce an indulgent eggnog milk.

Dunkin Spiked Ice Coffee & Spiked Ice Tea

Introducing Dunkin's Spiked Iced Coffee and Iced Tea beverages, now available at HEB, ranging from 5-6% alcohol.

Texas-Shaped Scrub Sponges

Texas-shaped scrub daddy scrub sponges at HEB grocery stores in Texas

I never realized I needed a Texas-shaped Scrub Daddy until now - it just makes so much sense. While not part of the Scrub Daddy brand, these sponges follow in the same creative vein. They come in red and blue with a charming star cutout. Absolutely adorable.

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