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Have Your Diet and Tortillas Too

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

So you've started weight watchers, keto diet, or you're just doing your own thing trying to eat healthier. Your first inclination may be to lament all of the carbs you won't have access to, but the truth is HEB has some tortilla and flatbread options that you can still eat on a diet.

This is Texas, dang it. We need our tortillas. Always.

HEB Bakery Fresh Keto Tortillas

The pro-keto tortillas in HEB's bakery are surprisingly delicious. They're also a decent size compared to some of the alternate options, but the taste and size come with a few more calories. They're buttery with a good texture, but use them quickly or they tend to get gummy.

4g net carbs per Serving = 8g Total Carbs - 4g Dietary Fiber

80 calories, 40 from fat

HEB Carb Sense Flour Tortillas

My second favorite option is the HEB Carb Sense Tortillas. The taste is significantly better than some of the competitors.

These fall somewhere in the middle of these options in terms of calories, but are also only 4 net carbs per serving. They're about the same size as the zero net carbs Mission Tortillas, but the texture and taste are far superior. Leave it to HEB to beat one of the best-known tortilla brands on the market.

4 net carbs per Serving

45 Calories

Xtreme Wellness Tortilla Wraps

I like that these are big. You can make a full-on wrap like the name suggests, which you can't really do with the others. Despite the size, they come in at only 50 calories. They're made of whole wheat and flax seed and it says they're good for keto and kosher diets.

I would use these for a wrap, but don't expect them to be the best for taco night. The other options on this list will be better for that.

4 net carbs per Serving

40 Calories

0 Net Carbs Mission Tortillas

I recently posted about these and had some mixed responses. The texture is off-putting. They're pillowy and one side feels and looks like leather. Even with the texture, the overall taste is okay and as many of my followers pointed out, heating them in a pan helps significantly.

I've been using them as a vessel for breakfast taco ingredients, or rotisserie chicken and cheese, etc and I think they're a decent low-carb, low-cal option.

7 g - 7 g = 0 g net carbs per tortilla

25 calories

Nutrition facts aren't on the site yet, so here you go:

La Banderita Carb Counter Street Taco

La Banderita tastes similar to the Zero Carb Mission Tortillas in taste and texture, but they're perhaps a little bit larger. These do have the highest fiber per tortilla at 11g which is something to watch for. You don't want to overdo the fiber.

4 net carbs per Serving

45 Calories

Atoria's Mini Lavash Flatbreads - Wheat

Atoria's Mini Lavash Flatbreads are a fun one to add to your list because you can use them differently than you would a tortilla, and they're another healthy option that still gives you a carb fix.

I've made a breakfast flatbread, adding cheese, eggs, and honey. I've also made little, healthy pizzas. It's fun to come up with new recipes for them. They're not the biggest, but depending on the toppings, they can be quite filling.

Wheat Flatbreads:

4 net carbs

50 calories

So there you have it. Have your diet and tortillas too.

One final note: Some of these options are high in fiber and too much fiber can be bad for you. It's something to keep an eye on if you're eating these frequently.

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