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HEB Products vs Name Brands - Better Than The Name Brand

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

HEB is a beloved Texas grocery store chain. But what makes it so special to us Texans?

For one, HEB donates a great amount of time, energy and money to the community. For two, they make killer products. Both knockoffs of name brands items and original products that make Texans oh so happy. But we're here today to talk about the former.

So I posed this question to my Instagram followers:

Which HEB products are better than the name brand version, and which aren't?

The feedback I got was spot on, so here it is.

HEB Products That Are Better Than The Name Brand 👇

Cauliflower Pizza

Mighty Crust Cauliflower Pizza by HEB

HEB's cauliflower pizza is a fan favorite for sure. They even have some interesting original flavors like Hatch Chile Peppers & Pepperoni. $6.67 each.


HEB queso blanco and queso classic collage

HEB does queso exceptionally well. The competition can't even compete.

My opinion, Blanco is the best.

Cafe Ole Coffee

HEB cafe ole gift sizes

HEB fans agree that Cafe Ole coffee is better than most name brand options. Texan Pecan is #1 in our hearts, but all of the blends are good. You can't go wrong.

Mac n Cheese

HEB Mac n Cheese

HEB has a few varieties of mac n cheese. The kind pictured above which is more like Kraft and Easy Melt which is a Velveeta dupe. Regardless, fans like both better than the name brand. They are quite a bit cheaper as well. (Not always the case with the HEB brand you'll find.)

Canned Chili

HEB Texas Style Chili with Beans in a can

This was a surprise for me, but several people corroborated that HEB brand chili is better than Wolf Brand.

Pita Chips

HEB Hatch Chile Pita Chips

HEB's pita chips are the BEST. They also come 8 flavors: sea salt, chili lime, parmesan, hatch chile, wheat & grain, garlic & herb, chocolate and vanilla.

My husband is currently obsessed with the vanilla. It's a permanent item on our grocery list.


HEB Wavy Potato Chips Mesquite BBQ

Most of my followers stated they liked all or most HEB chips better than the name brand. There are quite a wide variety of HEB chips. Store brand versions of Cheetos, Cheeto Puffs, Doritos, Tortilla Chips, Fritos, Potato Chips, pretty much anything you can think of.

The one that's a bit controversial, and for this reason, I'll also drop it below, is the store brand Doritos.

Cat Litter

HEB Cat Litter

A random one I'm going to throw in here is the cat litter. We exclusive purchase HEB brand now.

Trail Mix

HEB Limited Edition Ballpark Trail Mix

Gotta love the HEB trail mix section. Similar to Target's epic selection, but Texified.

Cookie Dough

HEB chocolate chip cookie dough is just as good as the name brand

HEB's Hill Country Brand cookie dough has unappealing package, and is often overlooked. But it bakes and tastes like Tollhouse. Cheaper and just as tasty - win, win.


HEB flour tortillas

It's not the name brand's fault... after all, they can't make tortillas fresh at the store.

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