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Inside HEB Boutique, Mia's Mirror

Updated: Apr 6

Mia's Mirror HEB Boutique in Hutto

This weekend, I convinced my husband to take the 35 minute drive to Hutto to check out the HEB Plus. (Getting pie from Texan Cafe was what really convinced him). Anyway, one of the cool things about this location is that it has a Mia's Mirror boutique.

Mia's Mirror is a clothing and accessory boutique operated by HEB that lives inside several of their stores. This one, in fact, is a structure built smack dab in the middle of the store, not along an outside wall. There are around 8 stores total that have a Mia's Mirror inside. Bastrop, McAllen, Victoria, Hutto, and 4 stores in the San Antonio area.

Mia's Mirror HEB display with blouse, purse, shoes and jewelry

At first glance, the store really reminds me of Francesca's, the popular clothing boutique you frequently find in malls and shopping centers. The displays are very similar. The major difference is, this boutique is not marketed exclusively to teens and twenty-somethings. You can tell it's more of a mixed audience and I really appreciate that.

In fact, I recently had a serious conversation with myself about how I don't need to attempt to impulsively go into Francesca's anymore. When you pick up clothes and repeatedly say to yourself, "oh my gah, who would wear this?" You're too old. This is not for you.

Beaded cowgirl clutch inside Mia's Mirror in HEB. Also, El Arroyo Mugs

The second thing I love about this boutique is how awesomely Texan it is. From the El Arroyo mugs, to the Fredricksburg Farm candles, the Cowgirl clutch, cactus earrings, Yellow Box shoes, Consuela bags. It's designed for a Texas lady and I am loving it.

There also seems to be consideration for local Texas brands. Always in support of that.

I ended up grabbing these super cute gold fan earrings for only $10. Prices seemed to vary, from $80 blouses I saw, to the leather bag above, which I believe was really affordable and under $40.

When I was checking out they gave me fruit-infused water in a cup and a free tin of cookies. The VIP treatment. You don't need to convince me, I'm definitely coming back!

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