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Limited Edition Food at HEB Spring / Summer 2022

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Race to the store to find these limited edition items before they leave the shelves.

Late Night Chips - Milkshake, Pizza Roll, Chicken Sandwich

Late Night Chips - Chicken Sandwich Chips, Vanilla Milkshake Chips, Pepperoni Pizza Roll Chips

HEB really tested our tastebuds with these three new limited edition chip flavors. So many people (including myself) poo-pooed the vanilla milkshake potato chips prior to trying them, and they turned out to be one of my all-time favorites.

Here's how I thought I'd rank these:

  • Chicken Sandwich Chips

  • Pizza Roll Chips

  • Vanilla Milkshake Chips

My actual ranking:

  • Vanilla Milkshake Chips

  • Pizza Roll Chips

  • Chicken Sandwich Chips

The vanilla milkshake chips are a sweet and salty combo that will leave you wanting more. Let's be clear, absolutely no one asked for this flavor to exist, but I'm glad it does. I'll never judge a chip by it's dusting again.

The pizza roll chips are exactly what they say they are. They taste just like a pepperoni pizza roll. The flavor sinks into those beautiful, crispy potato chip ridges, and it's a delightful experience in every bite.

The chicken sandwich chips were by far my biggest disappointment. All spicy pickle and no chicken sandwich.

Bourbon Barrel Sausages

Limited Edition Bourbon Barrel Sausage

Oh my gawd. I'm in love with these bourbon barrel sausages. My favorite sausages of ALL TIME. You definitely get that bourbon taste and it's just, beautiful!

Summer Tamales - Strawberry, Pineapple, Sweet Corn

Strawberry and Pineapple Tamles

HEB has three limited edition tamale flavors this year. One pack is strawberry and pineapple, the other is sweet corn.

Bluebonnet Baby Wipes

Bluebonnet baby wipes at HEB

These bluebonnet baby wipes were such a nice surprise. They smell so good.

Past limited edition scents have been a little overpowering, but not these. HEB nailed this scent. I've been stocking up before they run out.

Dish Soap Scents: Fiesta and Herb

The Fiesta dish soap scents were back this year, with a few additional smells. Flowers of Fiesta was also available in 2021, but now we're joined by Fiesta Parade and Fiesta on the River. They're all a little hard to describe, but equally festive and enjoyable.

HEB went with a more classic spring line of limited edition herb soaps. Mint, Lavender and Thyme hit the shelves this spring, and I really like how classic they are. Thyme currents sits next to my sink.

Choco Coco Twisters

Choco coco twisters - coconut oreo cookies

Choco Coco Twisters are back, with new red packaging. These have a buttery chocolate cookie and sweet coconut cream middle. Proceeds from sales of this cookie go toward helping people affected by Texas disasters.

It's hard to taste the cream when eaten as a whole, I highly suggest twisting them apart and enjoying them one side at a time. You taste the coconut better that way. So different from a coconut Oreo, yet just as delicious.

Spring Butter Cookie Tins

HEB Butter Cookies TIn

The Spring butter cookie tins are out, and just as adorable as ever. Though they'd be more exciting dipped in chocolate, these are still a sweet gift or treat to show up to a party with.

And now... let's talk about Ice Cream

Blue Bell Peachy Peach

Blue Bell Peachy Peach Ice Cream 2022

Blue Bell has a new flavor out called Peachy Peach. And when they say peachy peach, they mean "Hey y'all, this is REALLY peachy". Big peach chunks in peach ice cream. If you love your peach on peach, this one is for you. I might stick with Peaches and Homemade vanilla.

Creamy Creations Spring / Summer Lineup

Lime Chamoy Sherbet

Lime Chamoy Sherbert with Tamarind Chamoy Swirl

Education Heroes Ice Cream with Cake and Sprinkles

Education Heroes - Icing flavored Ice Cream with cake pieces and rainbow sprinkles.

10% of proceeds from this pint go to helping Texas teachers buy supplies for their classrooms. I still think it's crazy teachers have to buy their own supplies so I'm all for this cause.

Island Dream Coconut and Pineapple Ice Cream

Island Dream: Coconut ice cream with cake pieces, pecans and pineapple/coconut swirl.

This ice cream tastes like a pina colada. I should have liked it. I wanted to like it. But it didn't work for me. As usual, my husband disagreed (he's far less picky). He woofed down a pint no problem and declared it super tasty.

Unicorn Cake Ice Cream

Unicorn cake 🦄 - Sweet cream ice cream with tart blue and pink berry swirls and white cake pieces. Every little girl's dream!

Other Non-HEB Limited Edition Items

DO try the Dulce de Leche Toast Crunch.

Maybe skip the Peaches & Cream Cinnamon Rolls. SnackAntonio was right, they taste like an air freshener. Bleh.

What limited edition items do you look forward to ever Spring and Summer?

I still have an eye out for the HEB sangria sodas. My husband's favorite.

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