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The Best HEB Christmas Decor 2022

The HEB Christmas aisle is overflowing with holiday goodies. Here are my 10 favorite items.

Wooden Texas Advent Calendar

Price: $55

Taco Truck Ornament

Price: $7

Cookies For Santa Dish Set

Price: $16

HEB Brand Ornaments

Price: $7

Festive Happy Holidays Advent Calendar

Price: $30

Christmas Tree Mugs With Lids

Price: $7

Colors: Pink, Yellow, Blue

Colorful Monogram Christmas Stockings & Yarn Ornaments

Stockings Price: $15

Ornaments Price: $5

Ho Ho Ho Y'all Dish Towel

Price: $5

All The Cookie Cutter Sets

Price: $6-12

Texas Drying Mat

Price: $6

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