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The Best New HEB Groceries - January 2024

January has ushered in a wave of exciting and innovative products at HEB, Texas' beloved grocery store chain. From unique twists on classic favorites to delightful newcomers, here's a glimpse into the latest and greatest offerings gracing the shelves this month.

New at HEB This Month:

The latest and greatest new (and returning) products at Texas Grocery store chain HEB this January


Churro Bacon

HEB Churro Bacon - Cinnamon & Sugar Seasoned, Thick Cut

This January, H-E-B unveiled a showstopper with its Churro Bacon, leaving the internet buzzing with excitement and a hint of skepticism. It's cinnamon and sugar seasoned and while I liked it, Hayride Bacon still reigns supreme for me.


Return of the Pepperoni Pizza Roll Chips

Limited EditionPepperoni pizza roll chips at Texas grocery chain HEB

HEB unveiled three limited-edition chip flavors this month: new Cheeseburger potato chips, Cajun potato chips, and the return of Pepperoni Pizza Roll chips. While all are fun, Pepperoni Pizza Roll has long been one of my favorites and I'm excited to see it back.

Cinnamon Twist Blue Bell

Blue Bell Cinnamon Twist Ice Cream at Texas grocery chain HEB

Blue Bell's latest flavor consists of brown sugar cinnamon ice cream with cinnamon bun dough pieces and cinnamon icing swirl.


Bluebonnet Dish Soap

Bluebonnet Dish Soap and Yellow Rose of Texas Limited Edition Dish Soap at HEB

Bluebonnet Dish Soap is back, along with the Yellow Rose of Texas scent. This only makes me more excited for the bluebonnet decor line we get every Spring at HEB.


Grilled Peach Salad

Grilled Peach salad kit at HEB

There's a new Grilled Peach salad kit that everyone's loving. Mixed greens, brown sugar pecans, and feta cheese with grilled peach-flavored balsamic dressing.


Friends Conversation Hearts

Brach's Friends Conversation Hearts for Valentines Day

Brack's Friends conversation hearts are so much fun. With phrases like "How U Doin" and "On a Break", how could the ultimate Friends fan not run and grab them?


Salted Ube S'Mores Boba x Ice Cream

Boba x Ice Cream Salted Ube S'mores Lactose-Free at Texas Grocery Chain HEB

HEB revamped its ice cream aisle this January, adding many new brands, but one I am most excited about is the new Boba x Ice Cream. Purple yam, graham crackers, vegan chocolate, and marshmallows. Plus, it's lactose-free.


Tio Pelon's Birria Adobo Sauce

Tio Pelon's Birria Adobo Sauce at HEB

New Tio Pelon's Birria Adobo Sauce allows you to bring the food truck experience into your own home. It's an awesome collab between Tio Pelon and Austin's Tacos La Catrina.


Orange Creamsicle Milk

Orange Creamsicle Milk from 1836 Farms at HEB Grocery Stores in Texas

Orange creamsicle milk is not orange juice mixed with milk as many have asked, but rather orange-flavored milk, similar to strawberry milk. This one just happens to taste like a heavenly creamsicle in a glass.


The Monthly Essentials Kit

The Monthly Essentials Teen Period Kit Gift Bag at HEB

You may be surprised by my final pick, but I can't help but marvel at how genius this little period bag is. A sweet gift for a young girl experiencing her period for the first time, or for a friend having a rough time of the month.

It comes with a cute scrunchy, Midol, HEB Pantiliners, U Balance Kotex, Vagisil, Poo-Pourri, and a comb, all in a cute iridescent zipper bag. The only thing it's missing is some chocolate.

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