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Vote - Debatable HEB Items, Which Are Best?

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Some HEB products are clear fan favorites, like HEB's cafe ole coffee, some are more controversial. So let's put it to a vote on some of the most debatable HEB items.

You tell me, which is best?

Ice Cream Wars

Creamy Creations or Blue Bell

  • Creamy Creations

  • Blue Bell

Which Tortilla Do You Choose:

Butter Tortillas or No Butter

  • Butter

  • Nah, Original

The Great Cheez Debate

Cheez-its or Chz²

  • Cheez-it

  • Chz²

Milk's Favorite Cookie

Oreos or Twisters

  • Oreos

  • Twisters

Get the Candle?

Butter Tortilla Candle: Yes or No

  • YES! So good.

  • Heck no!

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