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7 Best Jams You Have to Try at HEB & Central Market

In honor of HEB's new Mi Tienda fruit spread, and my never-ending love for jam, here's a list of jams worth checking out at HEB Grocery Stores and Central Market.

For the most part, I enjoy jam and jelly very simply spread on toast or a biscuit, but I'll add some other ideas for how to use these below.

Editor's Note:

All of the headlines are linked to the HEB product page. If you are looking for a product near you, click "nearby stores" which is located under the photo on the app and to the right of the photo on desktop. You can then locate a store near you that has this item.

Hand holding HEB Mi Tienda Mango Chamoy Fruit Spread

Mango Chamoy fans rejoice. The Mi Tienda mango chamoy fruit spread recently launched at HEB in July.


- On cream cheese

- Make a Jam Margarita

- On a cheese board with goat cheese, manchego or queso requeson (Huge thanks to HEB Wolf Lakes Village cheese shop lead Lindsey Fougeron for these suggestions).

Hand holding HEB Organics Morello Cherry Preserves

Morello cherries are known to have a sour taste, which makes this jam sweet and tart. It's a fairly recent discovery for me, and one that I'll absolutely go back to.


- Spread on toast or biscuits

- Top a no-bake cheesecake

- Vanilla ice cream topping

Stonewall Kitchen Raspberry Peach Champagne Jam at Central Market Grocery Store

I'm going to switch it up on you and go for a Central Market find, because this has been my most consistent jam purchase over the last couple of years. My HEB used to carry it and no longer does to my great sadness.

Stonewall Kitchen Raspberry Peach Champagne Jam is just the perfect mix of flavors. It's sweet, tangy, and oh-so-good on some toast.


- Spread on toast or biscuits - that's really all you need for this one.

Hand holding Felix lingonberries jam at HEB grocery store

If you like really tart fruit, like cranberries, this is the thing missing in your life. Lingonberries are a small, tart berry from Scandinavia that makes an amazing jam.


- The BEST thing to do with this jam is to put it on your pancakes. I sweeten my pancake mix by adding Mexican vanilla and 1-2 Tbsp of brown sugar, then top them with lingonberry jam and syrup. It's pure heaven.

Hand holding Lone Prairie Farms Strawberry Jalapeño jam at HEB grocery store

Lone Prairie Farms is a Texas brand, and their lovely homemade jam is both tasty and affordable. The Strawberry Jalapeno flavor is sweet with a kick to it. The perfect Texas combo.


- Homemade biscuits. For some reason this jam makes me want to make them.

- On cream cheese

- As a glaze for chicken. Here's a recipe I found.

Hand holding Stonewall Kitchen Wild Maine Blueberry Jam at HEB grocery store

There's just something amazing about Maine blueberries and that's why this flavor stands out from other blueberry options.

I've always loved Stonewall Kitchen products and last Fall I got to visit the flagship store in Maine! I was just as, if not more, excited than all of the other tourists there. Most of them being 30-40 years older than me. Y'all go to Cancun, I'll be in Maine trying jams. 😂


- Spread on toast or biscuits

- Spread on scones

Hand holding New Canaan Farms peach amaretto and pecan jam at Central Market Grocery Store

Let me repeat that, PEACH AMARETTO & PECAN JAM. This flavor combo is pure heaven and happens to be my husband's favorite on the list.

I've only been able to find this one at Central Market, not HEB. New Canaan Farms is based out of Utopia, TX, so you're also supporting a local brand with this pick.


- Spread on toast or biscuits

- Spread on pancakes or waffles

- Ice cream topping

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