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Cookie Craze: Girl Scout-Inspired Treats In Stores Now

Calling all cookie connoisseurs and lovers of all things delicious – it's time to embark on a scouting adventure right in the aisles of your local Texas grocery stores! From HEB to Target and Costco, the spirit of the Girl Scouts is alive and thriving with a delightful array of inspired products and treats waiting to be discovered.

Are you ready to indulge in a scouting adventure without leaving the comfort of your local grocery store? Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with a delicious lineup of Girl Scout-inspired delights awaiting discovery.

Girl Scout Products In Texas Grocery Stores 👇

Girl Scouts S'Mores & Thin Mints Seasoning Blend

Add these Girl Scouts seasoning blends as a topping for ice cream, hot cocoa, coffee, yogurt, or even baked items like cupcakes.

Girl Scouts Native Body Wash, Deodorant, Shampoo + More

Indulge in the irresistible aroma of Girl Scout cookies with the Native body wash, shampoo, and deodorant collection, exclusively at Target. It's kind of crazy how spot-on the scents are.

Girl Scouts Thin Mints Bites

At Costco

Beware, these Thin Mints Bites at Costco are highly addictive. A Thin Mint cookie crunch in the center, surrounded by creamy mint and dark chocolate. I can't stop snacking on them.

Girl Scouts GNC Protein Snack Bars - Samoa and S'mores


Even GNC is getting in on the Girl Scouts craze with Samoa and S'mores-inspired Lean Bars. Find them at HEB in the Slim Fast aisle by the Pharmacy.

Girl Scouts Thin Mints Brownies

The Sam's Club bakery has some yummy Thin Mint brownies sprinkled with a chocolate mint crumble topping.

Skippy Girl Scouts Adventurefuls P.B. Bites

These Skippy Adventurefuls are round balls with a cookie center surrounded by caramel-flavored peanut butter. They were a big hit at a party we had.

Girl Scouts Carnation Breakfast Drinks

Carnation Breakfast Essentials drinks flavored like Thin Mints or Samoas? Yes, please! Find them at Walmart.

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