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Farewell to Faves: HEB Goodies That Didn't Return in 2023

With each passing year, some HEB favorites bid us adieu, leaving us with a tinge of sadness and a dash of nostalgia.

Join me on a stroll down the aisles of memory as we fondly remember the HEB products that, unfortunately, didn't make a comeback in 2023. From the savory Pumpkin Tamales to the sweet Cinnamon Spice Crisps, let's pay homage to the departed delicacies that once graced our shopping carts and taste buds.

Grab a tissue (or a snack), and let's embark on this bittersweet journey! 🍂🛒

8 HEB Grocery Favorites We Long to See Again

Pumpkin and Cream Cheese Tamales

Notably missing from the Fall lineup were the pumpkin and cream cheese tamales. While some might raise an eyebrow at the pumpkin-tamale combo, I personally favored it over the limited edition cinnamon and cream cheese flavor and looked forward to them every year.

Honey Sopapilla Tortilla Chips

Dear Honey Sopapilla Chips, where are you!? Your absence is felt. We love you so!

HEB Bakery Keto Tortillas

These buttery and keto-friendly tortillas we a delightfully fresh option for those on a keto diet. Alas, they've vanished from the shelves. Rumor has it they might make a return in the future, but, for now, they're not on the menu.

Mexican Hot Chocolate & Dulce De Leche Coated Nuts

For the last several years, you've been able to find these nuts in plastic containers, usually appearing in October through the Holiday season. But not so in 2023.

Holiday Red & Green Tortilla Chips

The festive HEB red and green tortilla chips failed to grace the shelves this holiday season, a departure from their usual appearance.

Central Market Italian Soda Winter Flavors

The anticipated winter flavors of Cranberry Yuzu and Orange Cinnamon Creme for Central Market Italian Sodas were nowhere to be found this year.

Cinnamon Spice Crisps

Perhaps my all-time favorite Fall item that I was devastated to not find in 2023. Cinnamon Spice Crisps were pumpkin corn tortilla chips with cinnamon seasoning. A beautiful mix of sweet and salty that we stocked up on.

HEB Bakery Peach Melba Pie

The delectable Peach Melba pie, a delightful combination of peach and raspberry, was curiously absent from the stores I frequent this year. Did anyone else notice its disappearance?

As we bid adieu to these HEB classics, we hold onto hope for their return in the future.

What were your missed favorites this year?

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1 Comment

What about Mexican hot chocolate twisters? I can’t find them anywhere!

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