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HEB Gift Guide: Top Picks for a Texan's Christmas

Wondering what to snag for your favorite Texan or the HEB superfan in your life this Christmas? Well, I've got you covered with my 2023 holiday gift guide.

The journey to putting this list together took a hilarious turn when I threw the question out on Facebook. Turns out, my wording wasn't as crystal clear as I thought.

Rather than suggestions for significant others, I received a flood of inventive gift requests folks would like to receive from HEB, the grocery chain.

  • "Personal grocery cart for my exclusive use."

  • "Matthew McConaughey to be my personal shopper."

  • "A year of free groceries."

  • "Shipping!!!"

Amidst the laughter, some responses were pretty helpful. So, buckle up and check out my list sourced straight from the wonderfully wonky responses on Facebook. Let's dive in!

Coffee. They want coffee.

HEB Cafe Ole Christmas In a Cup Coffee Pods

A consensus among Texans, we love our Cafe Ole Coffee. Texas Pecan, Houston Blend, Austin Blend, Christmas in a Cup. If you know your gift-getter's favorite blend, they'd love some coffee for the Holidays. They told me so.

If you don't know their favorite, HEB has some tiny bags that are perfectly stocking-sized in both regular flavors, and some Holiday blends as well. Give them the gift of options!

HEB Bakery Tortilla Blanket

HEB Brand Shop Sign with a HEB Bakery Tortilla Blanket

The tortilla blankets are a hit, and rightfully so. They're branded as an HEB Bakery Tortilla, super soft, and large enough to cover up a tall person. I'm 5'9" and can personally vouch for this. Check here for a list of stores with HEB Brand Shops.

Kodi Cooler or Tumbler

White Kodi High Performance Cooler at HEB Grocery Stores in Texas

Kodi products are top-notch and the perfect gift for the Holiday season. They have a variety of coolers, tumblers, hats, and shirts for your favorite happy camper, tailgater, fisherman, golfer... or just someone who likes a cold drink.

Texas Candle

HEB sells some lovely Texas candles. The options may change depending on your store size, but my favorites are the Cowboy Candle and Texas Bluebonnet Candle shown above.

Or Texas Wax Melts

Texas Wax Squares in Desert Dreamer Scent At HEB Grocery Stores

So many people tell me how much they love these wax melts, and my store just got some new scents in the last two months. My favorite of the new scents is Desert Dreamer.

HEB Pajamas, or Any HEB Swag Really

HEB Pajama Set with Snowflakes

From HEB T-shirts to hats, socks and koozies. You can find anything in the HEB brand shop for the number one fan. The brand shop is in certain stores only, but expanding every day.

For a (mostly up-to-date) list of which stores have a Brand Shop, check out my post here.

DASH Mini Texas Waffle Maker

Dash Mini Texas Waffle Maker

This waffle maker may be small, but it's perfect for kids or waffles for a brunch board. I believe it's also an HEB exclusive, even though you may find some resellers on sites like eBay and Walmart.

Gift Basket From HEB Blooms

Salsa gift basket at HEB Grocery Stores

The Blooms (flower department) usually has some cool gift baskets this time of year. Of course, it's cheaper to make one yourself, but these are easy to grab for a last-minute gift.

Nice Jam

I think jam makes a great gift personally. Especially if you get some unique flavors.

...Or Fancy Maple Syrup

Sarjack bourbon aged maple syrup at HEB grocery stores

Maple syrup can be pricey and a splurge item for a lot of people, which makes it a great gift for a foodie. This would be an amazing add-on to the Texas Waffle Maker.

I also love the Tree Hive maple syrup and honey which has Texas honey in it.

Seasonal Dish Soap

HEB limited edition winter seasonal dish soap scents 2023

The seasonal dish soaps are so fun and festive, they make a great addition to a gift basket.

HEB or Texas Ornament

HEB Brand Shop red Texas shaped ornament with a HEB Semi-Truck on it

So many cute HEB ornaments and Texas-themed ornaments at my store. These make a great gift for the HEB-lover.

Squishmallow Anything

Strawberry squishmallow slippers at HEB grocery stores

Can't forget the Squishmallows, the number one plushie for kiddos right now. My stores have also has the cutest Squishmallow slippers. These are kid sizes only (sorry adults). Strawberry, cow, cactus. Lots of options to choose from!

A Gift Card!! Cause Groceries Ain't Cheap

Happy y'allidays HEB gift card

The number one response, an HEB gift card. We all just want some guilt-free shopping, y'all.

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