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9 Best Salsas You Have to Try at HEB

For this article, I asked for your help and you gave me so much amazing feedback! So this is a joint list, with your input. Together, we've compiled a selection of the absolute best salsas you can find at HEB. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with these salsa sensations!

Glass jar salsas in cart at HEB, breggy bomb, that green sauce and mark's good stuff.

Mark's Lone Star Certified Good Stuff Salsa

Hand holding Mark's Lone Star Certified Good Stuff Salsa at HEB

Everyone's #1 favorite and for good reason. This salsa is a perfect consistency, has a variety of yummy flavors and I've been told it was created by an HEB employee.

The question of which flavor is best is still up in the air. Everyone has their own favorite, but the top two are the restaurant salsa and roasted salsa.

That Green Stuff

That Green Sauce Salsa at HEB

That Green Stuff is one of the most talked about HEB products, always sneaking its way onto top 10 lists for HEB staples that people recommend.

It's a spicy blend of jalapeños and poblanos that goes perfectly on breakfast tacos, fajitas, you name it!

Julio's Salsa

Refrigerated Julio's Serrano Salsa at HEB Grocery Store

Julio's salsa is available in both the refrigerated section and jars, and while both are excellent, the former comes most highly recommended

After sampling several salsas suggested by you for this blog post, Julio's is my new personal favorite. Its rich tomatoey goodness, bursting with flavor, and perfect consistency, make it an absolute standout.

Central Market Peach Salsa

Central Market Peach Salsa Jar at HEB Grocery Store

If you like fruity salsas (and I so do), this is one to try. It has tomatoes, brown sugar, and healthy chunks of peaches in it. Great on tacos or chicken.

HEB Fresh Salsa in Produce

HEB In-store made hot salsa in produce

The HEB fresh salsa is a traditional, restaurant-style salsa made with a blend of tomatoes, onion, serrano peppers, lime juice, cilantro, and garlic. It's a go-to for many HEB shoppers.

Breggy Bomb Salsa

Breggy Bomb Salsa Tequila and Lime Flavored at HEB Grocery Store

Breggy Bomb salsa received enthusiastic recommendations from numerous sources. Its distinctive blend of tequila and lime delivers a one-of-a-kind taste. While it didn't quite hit the mark for me personally, it won over my mom completely.

Mateo's Gourmet Salsa

Mateo's Gourmet Salsa Hot with red label at HEB Grocery Store

Mateo's salsa is a true gem among gourmet restaurant-style salsas, striking the perfect balance between flavor and heat. Its consistency is just right - not too thick, not too thin. And they even include a disclaimer: 'Not responsible for obsession' – a fair warning considering just how addictive it can be!

Picklesmash Salsa

Picklesmash Salsa mild at HEB Grocery Store

If you're a pickle fan, you MUST check out this PickleSmash salsa at HEB. It's made in Texas and has a lot of flavor with no sugar, fats, or gluten. It's also tomato-free. The red color comes from annatto, the orange-red seeds of the Achiote Tree.

Clint's Texas Salsa

Clint's Texas Salsa Medium at HEB Grocery Store

Clint's is made in San Antonio with a proud South Texas recipe. I found this to be similar to Julio's canned salsa, just a tad less tomato-forward in flavor.

If this commercial doesn't make you want to buy some, I don't know what will.

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