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HEB Has Some of the Best Pickle Products

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Pickle fans rejoice, HEB has so many amazing pickle products to choose from. Here are the ones you need to try.

Pickle Beer & Spicy Pickle Beer

best maid sour pickle beer at HEB

best maid spicy pickle beer at HEB

Best Maid Pickle Beers come from Martin House Brewing Co in Fort Worth, Texas. That spicy beer sure does pack a punch!

Pickle Trail Mix

HEB dill pickle trail mix

Once a limited time flavor, now a staple. Dill Pickle trail mix has a healthy mix of nuts, pretzels and chex covered in dill pickle seasoning.

Dill Pickle Potato Chips

heb dill pickle potato chips

HEB Dill Pickle flavored potato chips. These are pickly and salty deliciousness.

Picklesmash Salsa

picklesmash salsa at HEB

Pickles + Salsa. Two great loves combined.

Dill Pickle Coleslaw

Word of advice, top a BBQ chicken slider with this dill pickle slaw y'all. 🤤

Portable Pickles

portable pickles

Mt. Olive makes a pack of portable dill pickles. I once picked these up for a pregnant friend and she was beyond thrilled.

True Texas BBQ Pickles

True Texas BBQ pickles at HEB

True Texas BBQ is HEB's BBQ chain restaurant. These restaurants live in certain HEB stores. The pickles and spicy pickles are sold in stores and have a major fan following.

Pickle Pops

Bob's Pickle Pops not only cool you down on a hot day, there are also supposed health benefits according to their website.

Hot Mama & Papa Pickles

Go big or go home. Giant pickles in a pouch. Enough said.

What are your favorite HEB pickle items? Let me know what I missed.

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Have to agree on the Dill pickle trail mix and Texas true pickles. Both are excellent!!

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