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Limited Edition Sodas 2024 Roundup

Summer is almost here, and with it comes a wave of exciting limited-edition drinks that have hit the shelves. Let's dive into the ones causing the most buzz.

I called this "Limited Edition Sodas" but I'm throwing in a few other types of drinks. Making my own rules and living on the edge per usual.

Find most of these at HEB or on my Target Storefront.

Creamy Coconut Dr Pepper

dr pepper creamy coconut at HEB grocery stores

Imagine the classic Dr Pepper taste infused with tropical coconut goodness and a creamy finish. Officially launched on May 1st, the Creamy Coconut Dr Pepper has been a challenge to track down due to its early release in select stores.

Sprite Chill

Sprite Chill Cherry Lime at HEB grocery stores in Texas

This cherry lime soda promises a refreshing twist with a cooling sensation. While some drinkers find the cooling effect lacking, the cherry lime flavor still stands out as a winner.

Coca Cola Spiced

Coca cola spiced mini at HEB grocery stores in Texas

Adding raspberry and spiced flavors to the iconic cola, Coca-Cola Spiced has sparked mixed reactions among fans.

Fruit Splash Ginger Ale

Canada Dry Fruit Splash Cherry Ginger Ale at HEB grocery stores in Texas

Canada Dry Fruit Splash cherry ginger ale is here - although it might not belong on this list as it's supposed to be a permanent flavor moving forward.

Baja Blast Trio

Baja Blast Trio, Baja Point Break Punch, Baja Laguna Lemonade, Baja Blast at Target

MTN Dew Baja Blast has a trio of flavors this Summer, the original - a permanent flavor this year, plus Baja Blast Laguna Lemonade and Baja Blast Point Break Punch.

Olipop Barbie - Peaches & Cream

Olipop Barbie Peaches & Cream

Olipop prebiotic soda is good for the gut and super tasty. I tried this Peaches & Cream flavor and it's delightful.

I found it at HEB in the Healthy Living aisle fridge.

Red Bull Summer Edition - Curuba & Elderflower

The new Red Bull Summer Edition flavor has a burst of curuba, citrus, melon and an elderflower finish. Caruba is a fruit that tastes like a mix between passion fruit and peach.

Waterloo Sparkling Water - Raspberry Nectarine

Waterloo has a new raspberry nectarine flavor for Summer and it's delightful.

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