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HEB International Food Aisle - What to Try

The international food aisle at HEB is more interesting than I've given it credit for. Many of the same goodies I've gotten from World Market are also in this aisle. It would be a great place to score unique stocking stuffers this Christmas without going out of your way.

I shop at HEB Plus Leander so my store is a bit larger than others. If you go to a regular HEB, your aisle might not be quite as extensive, but you likely still have a smaller version with a few of these items.

This list is gathered from recommendations from my Instagram Followers. Thanks for sharing your favorites!


These British cookies are crunchy goodness coated in chocolate. A UK favorite you might not know is now at HEB.

Bamba Peanut Butter Puffs

Bamba puffs are a snack food from Israel. We tried these and they taste like peanut butter Cheeto puffs. A lot of parents use them to lightly introduce peanut butter to their babies. I gave a few to the twins and they gobbled them up.

Colman's Shepherd's Pie Mix

An easy way to make Shepherd's Pie.

Irn Bru Soda

Scotland's other national drink (after Whiskey). It's bright orange and has a flavor that's hard to put your finger on. It's been described as bubble gum and ginger flavor, citrus and ginger or ginger and cream soda.

Milka Chocolates

Milka Chocolate is SO good. It's creamy and rich. You'll never want to eat Hershey's again.

Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Noodles

These come in various flavors. Unlike Ramen, it's not soupy. You drain these. You can add veggies, meat or a fried egg on top if you want to get fancy.

Jammie Dodgers

Going back to the British section, Jammie Dodgers are a shortcake biscuit (cookie) with raspberry jam filling.

Branston Pickles

Another recommendation was the British condiment Branston Pickle. I soon found out this is not actually a jar of pickles, but a relish of sorts. It has a variety of chunky, diced vegetables like carrots and onions, pickled in a sauce of vinegar, tomato, apple, and spices. You typically eat it on crackers or a sandwich.

Ramune Pineapple soda

The Japanese marble sodas are so fun. You push the marble down into the neck, releasing the carbonation. I thought my store had more flavors, but pineapple is all I could find on my recent visit.


Pocky is a little more mainstream these days, but HEB actually carries a few interesting flavors, outside of the normal chocolate variety. These biscuit sticks covered in chocolate have the perfect crunch. They're just fun to eat.

My store has chocolate, strawberry, cookies & cream and matcha.

Puchao Candy

Puchao is a Japanese fruity, chewy candy. It has a very different texture. Chewy, with gummy pieces inside. This is one I tried and I really like it! Unique and flavorful. I'd buy these again for sure.

They had cola, strawberry, melon and a mixed bag of fruit flavors.

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