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HEB's Hidden Gems: Must-Try Products You May Have Missed

Welcome to the wonderful world of HEB, where every aisle is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. While you might be familiar with many of the popular products that line the shelves, there's a host of hidden gems that often go unnoticed.

HEB Hidden Gems, Must-Try Products including kale salad, salsa ranch and banana bread pecans

These underrated items are local favorites, cult classics, and simply delicious or useful products that deserve a spot in your cart. From heavenly pastries to unique snacks and specialty items, here's a guide to some of HEB's best-kept secrets that you might have missed.

HEB's Best-Kept Secrets: Hidden Gems to Try 👇

Glazed Croissant Donut

Glazed croissant donuts at HEB grocery stores in Texas

HEB's glazed croissant donuts are heavenly, but if you've been missing them, it's likely because they're challenging to find. Despite being a fan favorite, they're not in every store's donut case. The perfect blend of flaky croissant layers and sweet glaze.

Coconut Caramel Coffee

Caramel Coconut Coffee at HEB grocery stores in Texa

Tucked away with the commemorative coffee in a white bag with an eagle on the cover, this Coconut Caramel Coffee is easy to miss. But if you're a flavored coffee lover, it's a must-try.

HEB Kale Salad

Kale Salad with cranberries at HEB grocery stores in Texa

HEB's kale salad is a healthy favorite by the to-go meals. There's a sweet and savory option, though I always opt for the sweet version with cranberries. Add some rotisserie chicken to it and you've got a good meal.

Jalapeno Saltines

Jalapeno Saltine Crackers at HEB grocery stores in Texa

Every once in a while someone sends me a pic of these, having just discovered them, but they've actually been on the shelves for quite a while! These Jalapeno Saltines add a spicy twist to the classic cracker.

Pickle Cole Slaw

Dill Pickle Coleslaw Kit at HEB grocery stores in Texa

Dill pickle cole slaw, is there anything more southern? Fans love this tangy and crunchy side dish that pairs perfectly with barbecue, sandwiches, or as a unique salad topping.

Banana Bread Pecans

Banana Bread Pecans at HEB grocery stores in Texa

HEB Banana Bread Pecans live in the candy aisle. These chocolate-covered pecans taste like fresh banana bread.

Giant Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Giant Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Cake at HEB grocery stores in Texa

In the Summer, you can often find GIANT cookie ice cream sandwiches in the freezers at your local HEB Bakery. Goodies in the bakery do vary greatly between stores, but definitely be on the lookout for this awesomeness.

Field & Future Detangler

HEB Field and Future Hair Detangler at HEB grocery stores in Texa

Some of the Field & Future hair care products are amazing, and the detangler is my all-time favorite. It works flawlessly, leaving your hair smooth, shiny, and free of knots. This eco-friendly product is a must-have.

HEB Siracha Hummus

HEB Siracha Hummus at HEB grocery stores in Texa

The HEB Deli Sriracha Hummus is made with chickpeas, sesame tahini, roasted peppers, vinegar, garlic, and sugar. This spicy and flavorful hummus is perfect for dipping veggies, spreading on sandwiches, or adding a kick to your favorite recipes.

Loaded Shrimp Bites or Filled Shrimp

Buffalo-Style Stuffed Butterfly Shrimp at HEB grocery stores in Texa

HEB Stuffed Breaded Butterfly Shrimp. You may not have noticed these crazy concoctions in the freezer section in the seafood dept, but HEB has 5 flavors of stuffed shrimp including: buffalo-style, Italian marinara, bagel not included, spinach dip, and French onion dip.

HEB Salsa Ranch Dressing

Salsa Ranch at HEB grocery stores in Texa

Salsa Ranch, beloved by many, but maybe something you've neglected to try thus far. This zesty dressing combines the creamy goodness of ranch with the bold flavors of salsa

HEB Deli Vegan and Garlic Naan

HEB Deli Vegan Naan Bread at HEB grocery stores in Texa

HEB Deli Naan options are delightful. Whether you're vegan or just looking for a delicious bread option, these naans are soft, flavorful, and perfect for accompanying your favorite dishes or enjoying on their own.

I did poll my Facebook audience for some of these suggestions. Thank you to those who contributed! What did I miss? Let me know your favorite HEB Hidden Gems!
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