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What to Put in Your Texas Care Package for Out of State Friends

Several people have reached out for advice on what HEB products to send to friends and family. Products that ship easily and will remind them of home. I've put a few of these together myself. Here are the ingredients to a perfect Texas care package.

HEB Texas Care Package

Cafe Ole Coffee

Cage Ole Texas Coffee Samplers, Texas Pecan

So many great flavors that represent our state and will remind your family and friends of home. Not to mention, they have these cute tiny sample bags that are light weight and easy to ship.

The Pralines at Checkout

HEB Texas Praline at Checkout

I always recommend adding a Texas praline to your box. It doesn't take up a lot of room and it's such a fun Texas sweet. Where else would you find these in the checkout line!?

A Texas-Themed Reusable Bag

HEB Shopping bag with San Antonio Hemisfair Park Art from Artist Patti Schermerhorn

There's generally always a new, super cute reusable HEB bag on the shelf. They're cheap, light, and will be a good addition to your care package.

Whataburger Sauces

Texas Care Package, Coffee and Whataburger Sauces

They're not lightweight, but I see a lot of people shipping Whataburger sauces. Whataburger is definitely one of the things people tend to miss most about Texas, so if you're willing to pay a little more for the shipping, it's a great addition to your box.

Or Whataburger Pancake Mix

Whataburger Pancake Mix

Another fan favorite.

Unique Jams & Preserves

Amaretto, Peach, Pecan Preserves from Fischer and Wieser

NOTHING says Texas like apricot, peach, pecan preserves. Plus, who doesn't get excited to try a new jam? If you know someone who hates jam, you should probably unfriend them.

Flavored Nuts, Trail Mix or Snack Mix

HEB Sweet Chile Almonds

HEB has so many unique flavored nuts and trail mixes. They're generally easy to ship and an exciting addition.

Some HEB Brand, Texas-Themed options I'd recommend are:

  • Texas Heat Trail Mix

  • Queso Skillet Chex Mix

  • Sweet Chile Almonds

  • Dulce de Leche Coated Cashews

A Butter Tortilla Candle

HEB Bakery Butter Tortilla Candle

Not as easy to ship, but definitely a winning gift. Fans of HEB's butter tortillas will definitely appreciate getting this in the mail. It's something they won't be able to find online. I reviewed all of the HEB Bakery Candle scents here.

Or Some Ridiculously Texan Wax Melts

Texas wax melt, conchas scent

A cheaper and less breakable alternative to the tortilla candle. There are a lot of options to choose from, like:

  • Conchas

  • Comal River

  • Bluebonnet Fields

  • Heart of Texas

  • South Padre Beach

  • San Antonio Fiesta

  • Rustic Ranch

A Seasonal Tumbler

HEB Easter Tumblers, Happy Easter Y'all

You can usually find an adorable seasonal tumbler on the shelves. They tend to swap out cute Texas sayings with new designs.

What am I missing that you add to your care package? Let me know in the comments!

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