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Where Did The HEB Brand Shop Clothing Go?

Updated: May 24

You may have noticed that the HEB Brand Shop, the section in HEB Grocery stores dedicated to branded merchandise, has vanished. This section featured everything from shirts, koozies, shoes, socks, and hats to tortilla blankets and more. So, what happened to the Brand Shop? Here's what we know.

HEB Brand Shop Clothing and onesies

The HEB Brand Shop Display Is Gone

No, you're not imagining things. The racks that appeared in many stores over the last two years have been removed from locations over the past few months. So what's happening, and will you ever see your beloved tortilla blanket again?

Brand Shop Will Be Back (Sort Of)

The good news is that the HEB Brand Shop is not gone forever. Instead of being available year-round, it will now operate as a bi-annual pop-up shop with seasonal items. The next time we'll see these products is this Fall (2024).

While I'm disappointed that I can't buy a new HEB shirt whenever I want, I'm hopeful this change will bring new and exciting products and designs. Personally, I'm hoping for a brisket queso t-shirt in a color other than beige and a fresh beanie design for Winter.

To learn more about the Brand Shop of old, check out my article here.

How do you feel about the news? Let me know!

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