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10 HEB Hacks from Reddit Users

Delving into Reddit threads can unveil some truly ingenious insights. Recently, I stumbled upon a treasure trove of HEB hacks. Here are the top tips according to fellow users, to maximize your experience at HEB grocery stores.

HEB grocery storefront tips, tricks and hacks

"If the Texans and Cowboys are playing at the same time you will have the store to yourself with parking with in 100 ft of the door."

"I make my list on the HEB app before I go into the store. The list will show you what aisle everything is in. I find the feature useful if I’m at a different HEB!"

"Buy the 10lb bag of chicken leg quarters. Use a knife to separate the thigh from the leg. Congrats you just saved 50%. Crock pot the leg quarters for easy deboned chicken."

"Christmas Eve right before close, they'll heavily discount anything that's going to expire over the holiday when they're closed."

HEB will season and steam your seafood for free.

HEB will typically steam lobster, crab, and shrimp, although some stores may only offer shrimp. Most offer three seasonings - Old Bay, lemon pepper, and creole.

"Always check the Clearance aisle. If you don’t know where it is, it’s usually hidden in a corner or end cap somewhere. I tend to find them near the pet and/or paper products aisles. There’s always something worth the discount.

"HEB brand chips with wacky flavors are great for parties - the flavors are odd enough to be conversation starters and each bag is pretty cheap."

"On the HEB app, there is a coupon every Sunday for a completely free item. Just search in the coupon section for 'free', only available on Sundays though."

"The spices section in the natural food/supplements area is amazing. I can get everything I need at a fraction of what I’d spend on bottles down the baking aisle."

"HEB curbside is one of the best values in the store. Markup is generally 3% and the time savings are incredible.

If you had a $100 grocery cart and someone said, 'oh. I’ll spend 20-30 minutes plus wait in line to check out for $3' you’d be crazy not to take it.

Your time is the most valuable thing you’ve got."

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