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7 Underrated Products at H-E-B Grocery Stores

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

There are so many amazing, fan-favorite products at H-E-B, but I wanted to highlight a few that don't get the credit they deserve, considering how awesome they are. These are a few of my favorite H-E-B products that may not be on your radar.

Dulce de Leche Oatmeal & Mango Oatmeal

H-E-B has so many amazing oatmeal flavors, but these two take the cake for me. They're both unusual and interesting, as well as being truly tasty. I highly recommend giving these a try. We also like the H-E-B Organics Maple Spice Oatmeal for the kiddos.

Caramel Coconut Cafe Ole Coffee

White and gold package for cafe ole caramel coconut coffee at h-e-b

H-E-B Cafe Ole Caramel Coconut Coffee often gets passed over in its white and gold packaging with an eagle on the cover, but this flavor is not to be overlooked. It's an excellent mix of two flavors that I happen to adore.

Field & Future Detangler

Leave-In Detangler at H-E-B from the field and future brand. Pink label on white spray bottle

The H-E-B Field & Future Detangler is one of the best I've used. It smells good, works flawlessly, and doesn't make your hair greasy. My only complaint is the packaging is the same as the hair spray. I have both and I've made the unfortunate mix-up more than once.

Stuffed Beef Flank Stank Meal Simple

HEB Meal Simple beef flank steak stuffed with parmesan, spinach and bacon. Meat is pinwheeled around filling.

Meal Simple is H-E-B's grab-and-go meal section where you can select a dinner of choice and cook it at home. Stuffed Beef Flank Steak is one of our favorite Meal Simple options. It's such a perfect main course and you can pair it with some roasted potatoes and asparagus or green beans.

Caramel Turtle Cheesecake

HEB Caramel turtle cheesecake in plastic dome with chocolate and caramel drizzle.

I rave about this H-E-B caramel turtle cheesecake all the time. Not only do you get the chocolate and caramel drizzle and Texas pecans like a normal turtle cheesecake, but the cheesecake itself is also caramel-flavored! Mind blown! You can find it in the freezer section of the bakery with the ice cream cakes.

Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Bread

HEB breakfast breads, french toast, cinnamon raisin and apple cinnamon

H-E-B has three breakfast bread options, but the apple cinnamon is our favorite. Toasted with a little butter or cinnamon sugar. So good!

H-E-B Organics Ice Tea with Strawberry Lemonade

H-E-B organics iced tea with strawberry lemonade

For some reason, this H-E-B Organics iced tea with strawberry lemonade is difficult to find. It seems to appear and disappear from the shelves at random intervals. But when I do find it, I make sure to grab some because it's amazing and I don't think many people have discovered it yet.

Your Favorite Underrated H-E-B Items:

I polled my audience on Instagram stories and got some other great recommendations as well. Here are the products you said everyone needs to know about:

  • H-E-B Selzers are the best ever. I know it's just flavored water but 💯💯

  • Blue Corn Tortillas!

  • H-E-B Chamoy Mango

  • H-E-B Chamoy Peaches, I'm obsessed

  • Sourdough Bread

  • Rotisserie Chicken

  • Meal Simple Chicken Fettucine Alfredo!

  • Texas Sheet Cake!!

  • Chocolate-Covered Praline Pecans

  • Post Oak Smoked Deli Cheeses

  • Honey Flavored Cheese Puffs!

  • Fresh Salsa in Produce + Sea Salt Bakery Chips

  • H-E-B Mediterranean Hummus

  • Creamy Creations Texas Starry Night Ice Cream

  • Chocolate Tuxedo Cake

  • Vegan Naan! Perfect for making a quick personal pizza

  • Abodobo Chips! They are the best, I think the Mi Tienda brand.

  • Hijole

  • Plant-Based Yogurts!

  • Lemon Creme Snack Mix - All of the Snack Mixes

  • H-E-B Seasoned Croutons. They are so good and only $1!

  • Diet Mango Green Tea. It's replaced soda in our family!

  • Cinnamon Pita Chips

  • Chocolate Coconut Chewy Bars

  • 1877 Mineral Water

  • Mi Tienda Frijoles (Refried Beans)

  • Field & Future Essential Oils

  • Mootopia Cottage Cheese

  • Central Market Frozen Bread!

  • Peppered Turkey Jerky! Hard Salami.

  • Post Oak Smoked Ham From The Deli

  • Meal Simple Stuffed Salmon and Rice

  • Hill Country Farms Coffee Creamer & Sports Drinks

  • Guatemalan Coffee

  • Tres Leches Cake

  • Butter Chicken Soup!

  • Spinach Dip!

  • PB&J Snacks!

  • Heritage Ranch Dog Food/Treats/Dental Bones

  • Tres Leches Cereal!

  • H-E-B Organics Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

  • That Green Sauce!

  • Meal Simple Stuff Salmon with Veggies. So good!

  • Mochaccino Twisters

  • Mootopia

  • The In-House Ranch - literally my favorite.

  • Their Green Tea and Kettle Cooked Chips

  • H-E-B Salmon Italian Meatballs

  • Turkey Cran Salad. I tell everyone to buy it.

  • Mi Tienda Blue Corn Tortillas

  • Mexican Street Corn Chips

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