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6 Sweet Treats at HEB To Check Out Right Now

Updated: Apr 12

Got a sweet tooth? Here are 6 new products at HEB Grocery that you need to check out.

6 New HEB Treats To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth:

The latest and greatest new (and returning) products at Texas Grocery store chain HEB this March.


Churro OREOS

Churro Oreos at HEB Grocery Stores in Texas

Just when you thought OREOs couldn't get any better, enter Churro OREOs. They're a fried doughnut-flavored cookie with churro creme and sugar inclusions.

Limited edition OREO flavors are often hard to find in HEB Grocery stores, so if you don't find them at yours, check Walmart. And hurry, they tend to vanish off the shelves quickly!


London Fog Milano Cookies

Milano London Fog Cookies at HEB Grocery Stores in Texas

Pepperidge Farm has graced us with a new Milano cookie flavor: London Fog. Experience the sophisticated blend of Earl Grey Tea and Vanilla in every bite, available for a limited time only.


Rainbow Brownie Kisses

Rainbow Brownie Kisses at HEB Grocery Stores in Texas

Joining the party are Rainbow Brownie Kisses, now making their way into HEB after a successful debut at Walmart. These milk chocolate wonders boast brownie-flavored cream and colorful sprinkles for that extra pop of joy.


Lemon Meringue Pie Almonds

Lemon Meringue Pie Almonds at HEB Grocery Stores in Texas

Discover a zesty twist in the HEB bulk section with Lemon Meringue Pie Almonds. Coated in white chocolate and tart lemon flavoring. Sounds like a must-try to me.


Sugar Cookie Pretzels

Sugar Cookie Pretzels at HEB Grocery Stores in Texas

HEB's Sugar Cookie Pretzels are coated in sugar cookie-flavored yogurt with sprinkles! Perfectly crunchy and sweet. You win again, HEB.


HEB Strawberry Tres Leches

Airy, moist, and packed full of strawberry flavor. The HEB strawberry tres leches cake is perfect for Summer.

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