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8 Features That Make HEB Frisco Unique

HEB Frisco big red wall mural with Giant Texas on it. It reads "No store does more than my HEB" and below the Texas it says "Here Everything's Better. From proudly serving your community to helping Texans in times of need, we're here to make a difference for the better. After all, we're your neighbor. And that's an important part of who we are."

HEB Frisco just opened and will be one of the first new stores in the DFW expansion, followed closely by HEB Plano. There were already a few stores in the area, such as the Burleson store or one West on I-20 in Hudson Oaks, but the Frisco and Plano stores mark a new era where North Texans can more easily access Texas's best grocery chain.

I've been getting tagged left and right in photos and videos of the new store, and I've learned a few unique aspects from employees and visitors that I can't wait to share. Here are all the juicy details about what makes HEB Frisco unique.

It's in the Details

HEB Frisco on a sunny day with giant red FRISCO sign out front. This is a photo op with the I removed for you to stand in and take a pic.

I mean, how cute is the FRISCO sign in front of this HEB? Hello photo op!

HEB has been focusing more on unique architecture and adding special touches to their stores in recent years and HEB Frisco is no exception. From the giant grocery cart out front to the FRISCO sign. They even have a carrot bike rack! 🥕

Carrot bike rack out front of HEB Frisco

It's Only the Second Store to Have a Catering Counter

Catering and event planning counter in HEB Frisco

Lubbock is apparently the only other store to have this Catering & Event Planning counter. It's hard to find much about this online, but it seems like you can more easily plan your party or wedding with an option like this. So y'all check it out and report back!

An Impressive Backyard Section

I thought my store (HEB Plus Leander) had a good garden section, but HEB Frisco seems to have us beat. Just look at this video @drivingmomcrazy posted!

Dry-Aged Beef in the Meat Market

Meat Market neon sign in HEB frisco

According to HEB's website, there are around 17 stores that sell dry-aged beef in the meat market, and Frisco is the latest addition that's not even listed yet.

"Our dry-aging process starts with H‑E‑B Prime 1 Beef USDA Prime is the highest grade of beef possible. Prime Beef is prized for its abundant marbling and superior juiciness. In fact, 2% of all U.S. beef is graded Prime, this is why you’ll find it on the menu of many fine restaurants."

XL Cheese Shop

Cheese Shop yellow sign in HEB Frisco

The HEB Frisco cheese shop is supposed to be quite extensive and has over 250 cheeses to choose from.

A Whole Fleet of Delivery Vans

HEB Delivery Vans in Red at HEB Frisco

These shiny new delivery vans are ready to go!

True Texas BBQ with a Drive-Thru

HEB Fisco at night, True Texas BBQ Drive Thru

More and more stores are getting the True Texas BBQs, but adding a drive-thru is a whole other level. Hell, it's rare to see any BBQ restaurant with a drive-thru! Count me in.

The Home Section

HEB Frisco Home Section sign

It was just a few months ago that the first Home Section opened in a New Braunfels HEB, and now they're popping up all over!

The home section features both products from HEB's Haven & Key brand and products from artisans around the state listed under the brand Texas Proud. You can find home decor such as: rugs, pillows, antler wine racks and even chairs.

Here's a video shot by a friend at the New Braunfels location:

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