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Best Foods I Tried at Expo West

Hey there, foodies! I had the awesome chance to dive into the exciting world of Expo West this year, and let me tell you, it was a wild ride of flavors and discoveries!

For those who might not be familiar, Expo West is basically the Disneyland of natural and organic products, held annually in sunny Anaheim, California. Picture this: over 67,000 attendees in the food and CPG industry exploring the latest and greatest from more than 3,300 exhibitors. It's like a foodie treasure hunt!

What is Expo West?

Expo West is the ultimate gathering for everything natural and organic. It's where brands, big and small, come together to showcase their innovative products that prioritize health, sustainability, and deliciousness. From wholesome snacks that fuel your day to kitchen staples that redefine healthy eating, Expo West is a celebration of all things good for you and the planet.

Best Foods I Tried at Expo West 2024


Clean Cause Yerba Mate - Mint & Honey

Clean Cause Yerba Mate drinks have long been in HEB, but they recently launched a new non-sparkling line they were sampling at the Expo.

Mint & Honey is my favorite of the new flavors and I love these drinks because they pep me up in the morning like nothing else. Yerba Mate is an organic tea with natural caffeine.

Find them at HEB


Doughy Cookie Dough

Doughy cookie dough is shockingly good for how simple and vegan the ingredients are. The one pictured is the peanut butter but the basic chocolate chip flavor is the one I was googling over. It has cashews, maple syrup, vanilla, baking soda, and chocolate chips.

Find it at Sprouts


Waterloo Raspberry Nectarine

I tried Waterloo's new flavor and it's delightful and perfect for summer.

Find it at HEB and Target


Honey Smoked Salmon Stackers

One of my favorite healthy snacks from HEB. You can find these snack packs in the seafood section. They come with honey smoked salmon, rice crackers, and lemon chive spread.

Find it at HEB


O's Bubble Jelly Popping Boba - Peach Oolong Aloe Vera

Canned bubble tea with jelly-popping boba. So cool, I loved the peach flavor.

I believe you can find it at H-Mart according to their site.


My Mochi Cereal & Milk Ice Cream

My Mochi ice cream has a new cereal & milk flavor and it's delicious!

You can currently find this flavor at Walmart.


Rambler Grapefruit Sparkling Water

Austin brand Rambler is light and crisp. The perfect drink for Summer.

Find it at HEB


Jonny Pops Rainbow Popsicle

The Jonny Pops Rainbow popsicle is 6 flavors in fun. It's constantly changing which makes it super fun to eat.

Find it at Walmart


Ethel's Gluten Free Pecan Dandy

A gluten-free pecan pie bar that doesn't sacrifice taste!

Find it at Target


Sun Noodle Ramen - Miso

I got to try the Sun Noodle Miso Ramen at their booth and I'm a huge fan!

Find it at Whole Foods and Central Market.


Siete Strawberries & Cream Cookies

New from Siete, these strawberry cookies & cream cookies are both grain-free and dairy-free.

Find them at HEB.


BobaBam Brown Sugar Boba Kit

I've been eyeing BobaBam for so long and I finally got to try it. Can't believe I hadn't bought it sooner.

Find it in the freezer aisle at Target and Aldi.


Gelato Boy Gelato

Gelato Boy is new in the HEB ice cream aisle and I'm so glad I got to try it because YUM! Both these flavors are delish.

Find it at HEB

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