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Top 10 Must-Try New HEB Groceries for February 2024

As February unfolds, HEB, Texas' cherished grocery store chain, unveils a fresh array of tantalizing and innovative products. From reimagined classics to enticing newcomers, let's embark on a journey through the latest offerings adorning the aisles this month at HEB.

HEB new products February 2024 - Dolly Parton muffin mix, boneless wyngz, cold foam

New at HEB This Month:

The latest and greatest new (and returning) products at Texas Grocery store chain HEB this February.


Brisket Queso Waffle Fries

HEB loaded waffle fries with brisket queso

HEB launched some new loaded waffle fries with brisket queso just in time for The Big Game. Who can resist brisket queso on anything?


Boneless Wyngz

HEB frozen sauce & toss boneless wyngz - buffalo style

Get ready for new HEB brand boneless wings in the freezer section. These come in three flavors: Buffalo Style, Asian Sweet Chili, and Hickory BBQ.


Central Market Pizza Dough

Central market frozen pizza dough ball at HEB Grocery Stores in Texas

Central Market pizza dough is now available in the HEB freezer section. The great thing about a dough ball versus a pizza crust is that you can also make breadsticks, flatbreads, or even calzones with it.


New Dolly Parton Box Mixes

Dolly Parton is queen, and her mixes aren't your mama's box mix. They usually involve more ingredients and steps and often have multiple recipes on the back.

I did try the muffins, and the batter came out very sticky with both flavors. I ended up adding more milk than the recipe called for each time. The result was tasty though, and I like that the crumble has you incorporate real butter.


Sushiya Cajun-Style Sushi Rolls

We have two new Sushiya Cajun-Style sushi rolls to choose from at HEB's sushi counter: the Louisiana Roll and the Blackened Salmon Roll.


Many New Creamer Options

Probably one of the most exciting additions to HEB at the beginning of this month was an overhaul of their creamer options. They added the Mean Girls pink frosting creamer, both Bridgerton creamers, all of the new Chobani flavors, an Eggo waffle and maple syrup creamer, the return of white chocolate raspberry international delight, and one of my favorite newcomers - Pistachio Latte.


Coffee Toppers Cold Foam

Coffee Toppers Cold Foam in five flavors at HEB Grocery Stores in Texas

Coffee drinkers and cold foam fans rejoice! There are five exciting cold foam flavors now on the shelves at HEB. I tried all of them, and white chocolate is my favorite.

I did do a sponsored post for them on my Instagram, but being added to this list is not a paid promotion. Just my honest opinion that it's a fun new brand at HEB worth noting.


El Patio Salsa

El Patio Austin, TX Legendary Salsa Medium at HEB Grocery Stores in Texas

Beloved Austin, Texas restaurant El Patio launched their chips in HEB last year, and I'm excited to now see their salsa as well.


Return of the HEB Bakery Tortilla Varieties

The HEB Bakery tortilla selection had dwindled down to just two options over the last several years with regular and butter tortillas being our only options. But this month, all our favorite tortilla varieties returned in full glory.

Pro-keto, Wheat, Mitad y Mitad (corn + flour), and Southwestern (jalapeno, chile & red pepper seasoned) tortillas are all back and being made fresh daily in the HEB Bakery.


Bluebonnet Decor

HEB Bluebonnet Decor 2024

Some of the cutest bluebonnet decor launched this month, ushering in Texas's fabulous wildflower season. See all my favorites in this year's bluebonnet collection here.

Excited about these new finds? Head to your nearest HEB to grab them before they're gone! Happy shopping and happy eating!

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