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Best New HEB Groceries - March 2024

Discover What's Hot and Fresh at HEB This March! From Gooey Butter Cake Ice Cream to Horchata Milk and More...

Best New Groceries March 2024 - Oreo Lava Cake Mix, HEB Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, I Love Chamoy Pickle

New at HEB This Month:

The latest and greatest new (and returning) products at Texas Grocery store chain HEB this March.


Gooey Butter Cake Blue Bell Ice Cream

Blue Bell new gooey butter cake ice cream in HEB grocery stores in Texas

Introducing Blue Bell's Gooey Butter Cake flavor, a tribute to their expansion into St. Louis grocery stores. Dive into the taste of St. Louis's famous gooey butter cake dessert.


Volleman's Horchata Milk

Volleman's Limited Edition Horchata Milk in HEB grocery stores in Texas

Volleman's is back with another exciting new flavored milk – introducing Horchata!


TacoDeli Queso and Salsas

tacodeli questo in HEB grocery stores in Texas

Rejoice! Tacodeli's mouthwatering queso and salsas are now available at HEB. Tacodeli is a popular taco joint with locations in Austin, Dallas and Houston.

I found them next to the tamales. Choose from 6 options: queso, creamy jalapeno, salsa roja, chunky salsa, salsa verde, and black bean dip.


Rao's Ketchup

New Rao's roma tomato ketchup in HEB grocery stores in Texas

I was extremely excited to see Rao's ketchup, and it does not disappoint. I got this and love it, despite the old-school ketchup bottle design one must shake vigorously.

There's also a truffle version and a arrabbiata spicy flavor.


HEB Sweet Karoline Blackberries

HEB sweet karoline blackberries in HEB grocery stores in Texas

Gotta love when the HEB Sweet Karoline Blackberries are back. Extra sweet and juicy.


HEB Premium Pineapples

HEB Premium Pineapple Summer Fruit in Texas

HEB Premium pineapples are super sweet and absolutely delicious. We devoured ours in record time. Only $4 too!


Dill Pickle Mustard

French's Creamy Dill Pickle Mustard Spread in HEB grocery stores in Texas

Among the array of new condiments, French's dill pickle mustard spread stole the show. Elevate your potato salad or deviled eggs.


I Love Chamoy Pickle

I Love Chamoy Pickle in HEB grocery stores in Texas

The newest creation from HEB Quest For Texas Best 2022 winner I Love Chamoy – Chamoy Pickle, sweetened with monk fruit and completely sugar-free!


Maine Root Lemonade

Maine Root Slightly Sparking Lemonade Glass Bottles in HEB grocery stores in Texas

I live for Maine Root fountain drinks. You can often find them at local restaurants.

Their Pink Drink and Lemonade are my particular favorite so I was extremely excited to find it at HEB this month. Fingers crossed that Pink Drink is next. 🤞


OREO Lava Cake Mix

OREO lava cake mix in HEB grocery stores in Texas

OREO recently released several new baking mixes. This OREO Lava cake mix is the only one I've seen at HEB so far, but I'd say they picked the right one to stock. Sounds amazing.


HEB Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

HEB dark chocolate Hazelnut spread in HEB grocery stores in Texas

HEB just unleashed a dark chocolate hazelnut spread.


Texas Bluebonnets

HEB Texas Roots Potted Bluebonnets Spring

The Texas Bluebonnets are back. Snag a Texas Roots plant from a local farm.

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The sweet karoline blackberries are insanely delicious!

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