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From Mi Tienda to Kodi: A Guide to HEB's Many In-Store Brands

HEB is a popular Texas supermarket chain offering customers a wide range of products - and unique in-store brands.

While Costco has the one Kirkland Signature brand that covers all of its internal products, HEB has a plethora of in-store brands under its umbrella, each one catering to different customer needs. These brands include Mi Tienda, Cafe Ole, and Hill Country Fare, to name a few.

Each HEB in-store brand caters to different customer needs.

Sometimes these brands are so well integrated into the store that you might not even notice they're a part of HEB's "family of brands". In this article, we're going to break down the different in-store HEB brands - and what to love about each one.

There are many, so feel free to use this index to jump to a section:

HEB Organics

HEB organics goji berry, quinoa and almond bark, and coconut and almonds bark

HEB Organics is an in-store brand that offers a wide range of organic products. These products are made from high-quality organic ingredients and are free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. HEB Organics makes it easy for customers to find affordable organic products.

Some of my favorite HEB Organics products include the fresh herbs in the produce section, Unwind Cold Pressed Juice, Iced Tea with Strawberry Lemonade, Sparkling Prickly Pear Juice, and the Maple Spice Instant Oatmeal.

HEB Select Ingredients ✅

HEB select ingredients vanilla pita chips package

HEB Select Ingredients are products that have fewer synthetic ingredients and additives. More specifically, they exclude high fructose corn syrup, certified colors, and 175+ artificial flavors, preservatives, and ingredients.

You may not have even noticed the little green checkmark on your package that identifies this internal brand, but you can see it pictured here on the top left of the pita bag. A lot of the items you would consider a general HEB brand have this checkmark - but not all. Note below that Mango Flakes is an HEB Select Ingredients product, while Tres Leches Cereal is not.

Hill Country Fare

HEB Hill country fare tissue boxes, bluebonnets and cactus

Hill Country Fare is another popular in-store brand offered by HEB, which is generally recognized as HEB's cheapest and most affordable brand. The packaging is often very basic, but don't dismiss these products. Some of them are really good.

My favorite Hill Country Fare products are the tube cookie dough, facial tissues, both sliced and shredded cheese, baking items like baking soda, vinegar, and sliced pecans, and incredibly affordable meat products like chicken breasts.

Cafe Ole

HEB cafe ole texas pecan coffee bag - blue and black

Cafe Ole is HEB's in-store brand of coffee products. This brand has a huge fan base and offers a wide range of coffee blends and flavors, including classic roasts, flavored coffees, single-origin beans, cold brew and nitro coffee. Texas Pecan is the fan favorite coffee flavor, but they're all really good.

Mi Tienda

HEB mi tienda fresa y platano, strawberry and banana refresco in a pink can

Mi Tienda is an in-store brand that offers a wide range of Hispanic products. It's purpose is to celebrate Mexican cuisine and culture. This brand offers everything from fresh produce to packaged foods. You can get fajita meat, aguas frescas, tamales, queso fresco and masa. Mi Tienda is known for its authentic flavors and affordable prices, making it a popular choice among HEB customers.

Central Market

HEB central market italian soda, guava dragonfruit

Central Market is HEB's premium in-store brand. This brand offers a wide range of high-quality, gourmet products. It's a popular choice among foodies.

Some popular Central Market brand items sold at HEB include organic Italian sodas, waffle-cut potato chips, popcorn, hummus, kombucha and pumpkin spice cookies that are available every Fall.

Central Market is also its own grocery store chain, owned and operated by HEB. It's also full of specialty, high-quality food products. Stores can be found in major US cities like San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston.

HEB Texas Roots

HEB Texas Roots Fredricksburg peaches

The Texas Roots store brand helps support local farms and seeks to bring more Texas produce right to your table. When you see this brand, it's a sign that your mushrooms, tomatoes, or pecans were in fact grown in Texas, and by purchasing these products we can continue to support local farmers.

HEB Meal Simple

HEB meal simple to-go meal, beef flank steak stuffed

Meal Simple is HEB's grab-and-go meal brand that's usually located near the entrance of the store. This is a convenient way to make a healthy and quick meal, but generally, proportions are small and are only meant for one or two people.

HEB has worked on developing Meal Simple options for every palate. Now you can find plenty of vegetarian, vegan, and low-carb options to choose from. They've really done an amazing job at diversifying here.

The beef flank steak is one of our favorites, especially because it serves as a main course for two. I also really like the cherry cobbler with white chocolate macadamia nut cookies on top. It's absolutely mind-blowing.

Ice Cream Brands: Swoon, Creamy Creations, Italian Sorbetto, Italian Gelato

HEB has four in-house ice cream brands, and on some of them the "by HEB" is so small that you may have completely missed the fact that it's another store-brand item. Fortunately store brand at HEB is anything but lower quality, and all four of these are top-notch.

Creamy Creations is akin to Blue Bell Ice Cream, but often with fewer chunks. They still nail the flavors and this ice cream has a cult-like following on its own.

Swoon is my personal favorite. I tell people that it's more like a Ben & Jerry's option. It's a bit creamier and fancier than Creamy Creations, but also more expensive. It only comes in pints and the flavors are all really interesting and unique. Give the Banana S'mores and the Salted Caramel Truffle a try.

HEB went all out with Italian Gelato and Italian Sorbetto, these really are made in Italy. "Made exclusively for H-E-B in the Veneto region of Italy", to be exact. They're both a lower fat option, and the flavors are divine. I especially love the raspberry sorbetto.


HEB mootopia cottage cheese

Mootopia is HEB's ultra-filtered & lactose-free milk option that has more protein and less sugar than regular milk. There's also Mootopia cottage cheese and soon-to-be an ice cream line from this brand.

Texas Pets & Heritage Ranch

HEB Texas Pets brisket bbq flavored dog food

Texas Pets is HEB's in-store affordable pet food and snack brand. These products often reflect Texas tastes in hilarious and awesome ways. You can grab some chicken fried steak treats or brisket bbq dog food. My family loves the new dental treats, which come in flavors like mint, bacon, and peanut butter. They're really cheap and work well for my pup.

HEB heritage ranch dental dog treats

Heritage Ranch is HEB's in-store premium dog and cat food brand. All products are made with select ingredients and no artificial flavors or colors. If your dog can't handle the Texas Pets dental treats, these are grain-free and may be a better option.

Field & Future

HEB foam hand soap, field and future limited edition scents - hill country mountain laurel and big bend sage

Field and Future is relatively new to the HEB Family of Brands, launching in 2021. It's a clean and green, eco-friendly brand that includes cleaning products, hand soaps, hair care items, lotions, and even baby products. There are no harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

I love their shampoo and conditioner and am a die-hard fan of the Field and Future Detangler. Their foaming hand soap and all-purpose cleaner have also become regularly purchased items in my house.

Destination Holiday

HEB destination holiday bluebonnet tablecloth, 2023

Destination Holiday is HEB's in-store holiday, kitchen items, and home decor brand. It includes everything from bluebonnet tumblers to Texas 4th of July decor to tabletop bbq grills. You can usually find these items in the seasonal section.

Haven & Key

HEB home section haven & key chair and mirror

Haven & Key is one of those sneaky brands that I didn't realize was actually an HEB brand when I first started my fan page. I would say this is HEB's home basics product line. They have plain colored tumblers, candles, dishware - and now also some decor in the Home Section, like fake plants, vases, woven baskets, square poufs, chairs, and lamps.

It should be noted that not every store has a Home Section. They are in most HEB Plus! and larger stores now though.


HEB kodi white cooler

HEB also offers the Kodi brand, which provides customers with a range of high-quality coolers and tumblers. These products are designed to keep drinks and food cold for extended periods of time, making them perfect for outdoor activities, camping trips, or any other event where you need to keep your food and drinks chilled.

Kodi coolers are available in various sizes, from small coolers that can hold up to 20 cans to large coolers that can hold up to 100 cans. These coolers are made with thick, durable walls that provide excellent insulation and can keep ice frozen for up to seven days.

Kitchen & Table

HEB kitchen and table chic coffee pot with gold handle

Kitchen & Table is HEB's stylish kitchenware and appliances brand. And I do mean stylish. They have the most beautiful skillets in various chic colors, pretty air fryers, and coffee machines. I'm kind of obsessed, even though I don't actually own very many Kitchen & Table products - yet. They're all on my wish list.


HEB cocinaware salsa bowl in red

Cocinaware is HEB's Mexican-inspired kitchen brand. They have cookware, kitchen gadgets, and tableware. Everything's very colorful and they have a lot of items that complement Mexican food, like tortilla warmers and a giant mortar and pestle - which would make ample guac for a crowd.

Texas Tough

HEB texas tough plastic bag drawer organizer box

HEB's Texas Tough brand is an affordable solution for everyday products that make your life easier. This mainly covers ziplock bags, foil, plastic wrap, trash bags, and Tupperware. The absolute best item is this ziplock drawer organizer. It has all sizes of ziplock bags, perfectly organized, with tabs that open for easy access. So cool.

HEB's in-store brands offer customers a wide range of products at affordable prices. Whether you're looking for organic products, home decor, or gourmet food, HEB has an in-store brand that's probably even better than the name-brand option. So, the next time you're grocery shopping, be sure to check these out.

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