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HEB's Texas-Themed School Supplies 🤠

Hey y'all! 🌟

As the back-to-school season approaches, there's nothing more exciting than shopping for fresh, fun supplies to kick off the new year. And this year, HEB is making a splash with their brand-new, Texas-themed school supplies that are bound to make you shout, "Yeehaw!"

  • Folders and Notebooks with Texas Terrazzo Design: Say goodbye to boring folders and notebooks. HEB's new collection features a stunning Texas terrazzo design that's as vibrant as our sunsets. These are perfect for keeping your papers organized while showing off your unique style.

  • Texas-Shaped Keychains and Bag Tags: I love these adorable Texas-shaped bag tags. They're the perfect way to add a touch of Lone Star pride to your backpack. Whether you're repping your hometown or just your love for the state.

  • Texas-Shaped Jump Sticky Note Pads: Need to jot down a quick note or a reminder? These Texas-shaped sticky note pads are here to save the day! Frankly, we are long overdue for a jumbo option, since the small pads have such limited space.

  • Pencils with Texas Motifs: Let's talk pencils – but not just any pencils. These come decorated with iconic Texas motifs, making every writing task a little more fun.

  • Jumbo and Texas-Shaped Erasers: Made a mistake? No problem! HEB has got you covered with their jumbo erasers featuring the Texas terrazzo pattern, ensuring even the biggest errors can be fixed in style. And for a bit more fun, there's also a set of four Texas-shaped erasers that will make correcting mistakes a delight.

  • Bright and Bold Colors: What makes these supplies even more exciting? The bright, bold colors! Think neon yellow, orange, and pink. These eye-catching hues will add a burst of energy to your school day and make your supplies easy to spot.

With HEB's new school supplies, you can carry a piece of home with you wherever you go. So why not make your back-to-school shopping a little more fun and a lot more Texan?

Happy shopping, and here's to a fantastic school year ahead! 🌟

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