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How to Find Products at an HEB Near You

Not all HEBs are created equal. Some products might not make it to the store you frequent, or limited edition items might sell out quickly.

I'm sometimes told that customers can't find some of the items I post about on Instagram, so I wanted to write this post on how to check product availability or find a store nearby that has that holy grail item you're looking for.

Search Other Stores

So you saw a cool new item on Instagram, and you want to see which store has it in stock. The first thing you have to do is find the item you're looking for on the internet.

This sounds obvious, but it's not as easy as puling it up on your app. The HEB app generally only shows you items at YOUR store. That is, the store that you have it set to. Because of this, the best place to look is Google. This seems to work better on my phone than desktop.

So I'm going to search "HEB Mixed Berry Lemonade Chips".

Then select "Nearby Stores" and see where the item is at a store near me. And there you have it. A list of stores nearby comes up so I can see how far I have to travel to find the chips.

This method isn't always perfect. Last year I was looking for the HEB sunscreen setting spray, and I was led astray. It said product was available at a nearby store when it wasn't, and then I ended up finding it at my store where it said it wasn't available. I'm guessing there's a slight delay when the store sells out or gets new product. I still think this method works for most items.

Request an Item at Your Store

If your store doesn't have an item you want, you can simply fill out a request form on the HEB website. They are generally pretty good about looking at this and taking it into account, but if you still don't see the item after a couple of months, move on to #3.

To do this, you can go to the contact us page on the HEB website, and select "product request" from the dropdown. You then select your local store and fill out the form.

Ask HEB For Help

Your final option is to reach out to HEB's customer service. When the formula shortage first started I asked HEB, in an Instagram DM, if they were going to receive more of the HEB brand formula I was looking for anytime soon. They asked me a few questions and a couple of days later my local store manager actually called me on my cell.

They couldn't help unfortunately, but this is the above and beyond approach HEB often takes, so it can't hurt to ask!

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