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My Favorite Central Market Finds in 2022

Central Market is absolutely fabulous. It's huge and has so many interesting foodie finds, but the enormous specialty food store (owned by HEB) can also be overwhelming. You don't know where to start! Here are my favorite items of 2022. Maybe it will help next time you visit.

Texas Olive Oil

We tried this arbequina olive oil from Texas Olive Ranch and I never want to use anything else. It's so smooth and buttery with perhaps a hint of sweetness. No bitter aftertaste. Simply amazing.

Texas Pecan Praline & Bourbon Ice Cream

Central Market added a new selection of ice creams this year. I haven't tried them all, but the Texas Pecan Praline & Bourbon is delicious! Not a lot of chunkiness, but the ice cream flavor itself is perfect.

Jersey Italian Gravy Pasta Sauce

We have made it our mission to try quite a few fancier pasta sauces this year. Generally in the $6-9 range. This is without a doubt our favorite. Tomato Basil is the way to go, but if you want some spice, the Arrabbiata is good too.

Red Jacket Strawberry Apple Juice

Ahhh my favorite. I was so sad this left HEB, but finding it at Central Market was a happy accident. This is the BEST juice. There are several flavors, but strawberry apple is my go-to.

Sweet Potato Salsa

I tend to like sweet salsas, so if you only do savory, this one's not for you. But if you like sweet and are looking for something unique, this sweet potato salsa is really good. I purchased it three times this year.

Shorts Shortbread Cookies

Despite the photo, I actually tried the chocolate chip shortbreads and they are truly delicious. Buttery, crumbly, a little salty. These are worth trying.

Prosecco Gummy Bears

I believe these only pop up around Valentine's Day, but they are a must-buy.

Cotes Du Rhone Wine

Always on the hunt for good wine, I came across this French label at Central Market and it doesn't disappoint. It's so smooth! I was happy to find a smaller bottle as well.

Four Seasons Pie

Oh gosh, this pie. I have been so obsessed.

It has all the fanciest fruit.

Northern Spy Apple

Wild Maine Blueberry

Freestone Peach

And an absolutely mind-blowing cherry pie - Montmorency Cherry.

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