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My Favorite New HEB Products of 2023 – Including Limited Edition Items

Hey foodie friends! 🍽️ Buckle up because I've got the inside scoop on my absolute faves from HEB's 2023 lineup.

These aren't just any run-of-the-mill goodies – we're talking about the cream of the crop, the ones that made it to the top of my grocery list.

Now, fair warning: some of these gems were limited edition items that you can no longer find on the shelves. But no matter, let's reminisce.

January - March 2023

Cranberry Lemonade

HEB cranberry leonade fresh squeezed juice in the produce section

Delightful Cranberry Lemonade – a refreshing concoction that's sweet, tangy, and oh-so-sippable. Perfect for those sunny afternoons.

Limited Edition - Korean BBQ Chips

HEB Limited Edition Korean BBQ Chips in a pink bag

One of my favorite limited edition chip flavors, and so popular that we got them twice this year - Spring and Fall.

Limited Edition - Creme Brulee Ice Cream

HEB Creamy Creations Creme Brulee Ice Cream

Custard ice cream with creme brulee pieces and caramel swirl. The custard ice cream flavor is delicious, and those crunchy pieces? Perfection.

Lone Stars - Cheddar Cheese Snacks

HEB Lone Stars Cheddar Star-Shaped Snacks

Think HEB's version of goldfish, with a Texan twist. Lonestars are cheddar snacks in star shapes with a cheeky winking face named "Wink."

April - June 2023

HEB Tortilla Blanket

HEB Bakery Tortilla Blanket from the HEB Brand Shop

The HEB Bakery Tortilla Blanket made its debut in Spring, disappeared, but fear not – it made a triumphant return before Christmas. Large, soft, and perfect for a cozy night in.

Massaman Curry Frozen Dinner

HEB Frozen Indian Food Meal, Massaman Curry with Rice

This new line of frozen Indian and Thai dishes is a game-changer. The Massaman Curry, labeled medium heat but a bit spicier, was a definite win for me.

Limited Edition - Sweet Lime Corn Chips

HEB Limited Edition Sweet Lime Corn Chips in a Lime Green Bag

Sweet meets savory in these delightful corn chips with a zesty lime twist. A limited edition that left a lasting impression.

Meal Simple Cheese Cannelloni In Meat Sauce

HEB Meal Simple Italian Cheese Cannelloni With Meat Sauce

My personal favorite among the new Meal Simple meals this year. My husband's being the tortellini carbonara.

Blueberry Muffin Almond Butter

HEB Blueberry Muffin Almond Butter Creamy

This one has me shook. Spot-on blueberry muffin flavor. Pair it with honey wheat pretzel sticks – pure bliss in every bite.

Limited Edition - Full S.T.E.A.M Ahead Ice Cream

HEB Full Steam Ahead Limited Edition Chocolate Ice Cream Pint with Astronaut on it.

Rich chocolate ice cream, brownies, fudge swirl, and sprinkles – simple but oh-so-tasty. Limited edition, but the memories linger on.

July - September 2023

Low and Slow BBQ Corn Chips

Low and Slow Hickory Smoked BBQ Corn Chips at HEB

Smoked over real wood, these BBQ Corn Chips are so yummy, it's a challenge not to finish the bag in one sitting.

HEB Frozen Hashbrown Sticks

HEB Frozen Hashbrown Sticks in the freezer section

HEB launched a whole new line of frozen fries, hashbrowns and diced potatoes in the freezer section this year. The hashbrown sticks became a fast family favorite at my house.

Sushiya Harvest Sushi Roll

HEB Harvest Sushi Roll from Sushiya - With Fall Aioli and Pumpkin Wrap

Fall aioli and a pumpkin sushi wrap? Surprisingly, it worked like a charm for me. Pro tip: you can request regular imitation crab salad filling if spice isn't your thing.

Cowboy Ghost Ceramic

HEB Cowboy Ghost Ceramic Figurine, Cute Ghostie Halloween Decoration 2023

Ah, the cowboy ghostie figurine from Halloween – a true gem. Hard to find, but totally worth the hunt. Here's to hoping for more adorable HEB decor in 2024.

Oct - Dec 2023

El Patio Tortilla Chips

El Patio Austin, TX Light and Crispy Tortilla Chips at HEB

A new item that's become a staple in my house. The El Patio chips are airy with lots of bubbles. El Patio is a beloved Austin, TX restaurant that opened in the 1950's.

Tree Hive Pancake Mix

Tree Hive Pancake + Waffle Mix - Yellow Cannister, Small Texas Business Product

Another Texas Product I love is Tree Hive Pancake + Waffle Mix. It's magically also gluten-free, even though you'd never guess it. Pair it with their Maple Syrup + Texas Honey.

1836 Farms Chocolate Mint Milk

1836 Farms Chocolate Mint Milk, Brown and Green, Texas Small Business Product

Move over regular chocolate milk – here comes the perfect blend of minty freshness and rich chocolate. Beware, it's hard not to drink the whole jar in one go.

1836 Farms, a Texas dairy farm located in Terrell, TX, knows how to do it right.

So, spill the beans – what was your favorite new HEB product in 2023? 🌮

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I don’t know if it’s new but I just discovered Creamy Creations Caramel Pecan Turtle ice cream and it is divine.

Also, since October I’ve been using the HEB credit card (the Visa card) and it’s unreal how fast that 5% savings adds up. I mean, I shop at HEB anyway - might as well be saving, and then I pay the whole thing off, once a month. I’ve never ‘charged’ groceries before but it’s working like a dream!

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