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The Best HEB Cafe Ole Coffee Blends You Need to Try

This household practically runs on coffee, and we've been on a quest to sample various HEB Cafe Ole flavors. Here's a curated list of must-try blends that have won us over.

How to use any ground coffee in your Keurig

Before we jump into the lineup, a quick heads-up: not all of HEB's coffee flavors come in K-cup form. But fear not, there's a solution - reusable pods.

After watching coveted flavors like HEB pumpkin spice and holiday blend coffee not appear in pod form, I finally took the plunge into the world of reusable pods. It's a game-changer, offering a more budget-friendly and eco-friendly option, plus access to a wider variety of coffee flavors.

I've been using these reusable pods from Amazon and they work great!

Try Mini Coffee Bags Before You Commit

HEB offers mini bags of some flavored coffees - a perfect way to explore new flavors without committing to a full bag of ground coffee or a box of K-cups.

Now, let's dive into the list!

Texas Pecan Coffee

Texas Pecan is a crowd favorite, and rightly so. Its nutty and smooth texture makes it one of the most perfect flavored blends ever.

Caramel Coconut Coffee

Caramel coconut HEB cafe ole coffee

I've been raving about this caramel coconut flavor. It might get overlooked due to its obscure box with an eagle, but trust me, it's a fantastic flavor.

Christmas in a Cup

HEB christmas in a cup cafe ole coffee

A winter season exclusive that consistently wows. Among HEB's Christmas season flavors, Christmas in a Cup sells out first, especially in K-cup form. It's worth stocking up to savor through the Spring.

Taste of Austin Blend

Taste of Austin Cafe Ole HEB Coffee

"Medium-bodied with a touch of Southern pecan and a hint of cinnamon." This blend combines the nutty goodness of Texas Pecan with a strong, delightful cinnamon flavor. A personal favorite among the city blends.

Snickernut Cookie

HEB Snickernut Cookie Coffee

Despite not always loving "sweet cream" or vanilla flavors myself, something about this one just works.

Taste of San Antonio Blend

Delightful with cinnamon, chocolate, and vanilla flavors. A well-balanced blend that totally won me over.

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

A fall flavors limited edition that unfortunately tends to only come in bag form. No K-cup options in sight. But grab some reusable pods, and you're all set!

Cinnamon Hazelnut

Cinnamon Hazelnut HEB Coffee

A delightful combination of cinnamon and hazelnut. If you're a hazelnut fan, this one is a must-try.

Houston Blend

Houston Blend HEB Coffee

Pecan praline and coconut flavors make this blend sweeter than some others, but definitely worth a try.

Hub City Blend

Hub City Blend Coffee

While the sweet cream and vanilla flavors aren't my personal favorite, Cafe Ole Hub City Blend has a strong fan base among my followers. Give it a shot if you love vanilla coffee.

Honorable Mentions

creme brulee HEB coffee

Creme Brulee seemed promising, but it didn't resonate with our taste buds.

There's a whole series of Arabica Coffee flavors. Maple Breakfast, French Vanilla, Cinnamon Hazlenut and Dulce de Leche. We simply haven't tried any of these yet!

What's your favorite HEB Cafe Ole Coffee Blend? Let me know!

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