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Onigiri and El Arroyo Salsa - The Best New HEB Groceries - July 2023

The latest and greatest new products at Texas Grocery store chain H-E-B this July.

HEB Sushiya Onigiri

There has been a lot of hype for the new Onigiri HEB introduced to their Sushiya section this month. Onigiri is a Japanese rice ball made of sushi rice, that has a filling inside. It's also usually wrapped in nori seaweed sheet, which these do not have.

The HEB version has a filling of your choice - crab salad, spicy tuna, spicy crab or spicy salmon. I opted for the crab salad, and was a little disappointed by the lack of filling compared to other Onigiri I've had, but I will definitely give it another try.

El Arroyo Salsa

El Arroyo, the beloved Austin Mexican food restaurant just launched a line of salsa in HEB. Each jar (mild, medium, hot) has a different El Arroyo marquee sign on the front with a clever saying. I wouldn't expect anything less.

HEB Mi Tienda Salsa Taquera

HEB is debuting several new Mi Tienda sauce options this year and the latest to hit the shelves this July is a line of Salsa Taquera with choice of aguacate, roja, verde or habanero.

Limited Edition Sangria Plumcots

I talk about these Sangria Plumcots all year. They're one of my favorite fruits!

I believe they are a re-brand of the HMC Farms plumsicles, but it's a genius re-brand because I always thought they tasted a little like wine. They're a deep red/purple on the inside. Super juicy with a sweet and tart flavor.

Volleman's Root Beer Milk

The root beer milk must be included because these limited edition Volleman's milks always blow up on my social channels. It's been described as the bottom of a root beer float when all the ice cream has melted and is mixed with the root beer.

My favorite flavors of Volleman's milk are Cappuccino and Homemade Vanilla.

You can't find them in every HEB, but Central Market tends to always have their limited edition flavors if you're on the hunt.

Land O'Lakes Butter Balls

Butter Balls are perfectly proportioned 1/2 tbsp balls you can simply throw in your skillet and start cooking. So many commenters found creative ways to use these, including throwing them in a dough ball and frying it.

Blue Bell Monster Cookie Dough

Just like the Dr Pepper flavor, the Blue Bell Monster Cookie Dough ice cream was both loved and hated by many. It's vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cookie dough, mini m&ms, and dark chocolate chunks. Although it's more basic - being but a vanilla base - I loved its simplicity and devoured two pints this month.

What was your favorite item in July? Let me know!

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