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11 Best New HEB Groceries - September 2022

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

September brought so many amazing pumpkin spice goodies. Here are the latest and greatest new products at HEB this month.

Salted Caramel Brownie Blue Bell Ice Cream

Blue Bell ice cream, salted caramel brownie at HEB

Blue Bell's latest flavor was a hit in my house. It's vanilla ice cream with salted caramel swirl and brownie bites, but it tastes more like sweet caramel ice cream with brownies. I saw several comments about it not having enough brownie, and I totally get that because Blue Bell usually packs in the add-ins and this has less than normal, but for us it still worked.

The brownie bites are the same ones we know and love from other flavors. I felt very nostalgic for the Birthday Cake flavor that was vanilla ice cream, chocolate swirl, brownies and sprinkles. Always one of my favorites.

There are both pints and half gallons, but the pints seem to be going fast.

Halloween Orange Pumpkin Cookies

HEB Halloween orange sugar cookies in a clear tub. Cookies have pumpkin jack-o-lanterns on them.

The jack-o-lantern cookies are back in the bakery! These are just your standard sugar cookie but for some reason they are extremely addictive and a huge fan favorite.

Pumpkin Spice Graham Goldfish

Dunkin' pumpkin spice graham Goldfish. Limited Edition item.

A limited edition Goldfish flavor that is a hit with my audience. I had so many comments about how delicious these are.

HEB Fall Baking Mixes

Fall baking mixes are back and they had a pretty sweet meal deal attached if you bought multiple bags of coffee. I don't remember the pumpkin bread mix last year, but I could be mistaken!

Volleman's Blueberry Milk

Volleman's limited edition blueberry milk at HEB in glass jug

Volleman's latest flavor that I've heard so much about but never found. The Blueberry milk tastes like a blueberry muffin and I'm into it. Where I thought the pumpkin spice was too sweet, this one tastes a little more balanced to me. You can also find it at Central Market.

My favorite flavor of the Volleman's milk is still Cappuccino, this one comes in second place.

Creamy Creations Apple Cinnamon Ice Cream

HEB Creamy Creations Limited Edition ice cream flavor Apple Cinnamon in half gallon

HEB's new Limited Edition ice cream joins two returning favorites: Pumpkin Pie and Texas Campfire. It's cinnamon ice cream with biscuit swirl and apples. This just might be one of the best flavors they've come out with. I hope it returns.

Pumpkin Spice Cafe Ole

The pumpkin spice coffee is back, but once again it only comes in bagged coffee. It's easy to turn them into k-cups with reusable pods. I love these on Amazon for my Keurig.

Stroopwafel Syrup

Stroop Club stroopwafel syrup at HEB in glass jar

One of my favorite local Austin brands has made it's way to HEB. The stroopwafels and syrup have long been at Central Market, but you can now also purchase the syrup at regular HEB's. It's kind of got a brown sugar and cinnamon taste.

Use it in your baking, coffee, or I like to add just a tiny bit on my pancakes. I wouldn't coat my pancakes in it like other syrup, but a nice drizzle jazzes them up.

Pumpkin Spice Sweet Middles

Sweet middles pumpkin spice in the HEB bakery

My favorite bakery treat every Fall that I can hardly find this year! I did snap this pic in Corpus. They're super soft pumpkin cookies with the most amazing cinnamon cream cheese frosting. If you find them, grab them.

Fall Limited Edition Chips

This round of chips was okay, I didn't find one that just knocked my socks off but they are all interesting flavors.

Apple Pie - I expected these to be sweet and salty but they aren’t very sweet. You get some apple and spices first followed by potato chip flavor. The potato chip flavor is what lingers. We coated chicken tenders in them and it was shockingly good.

Habanero Salsa - These are definitely very spicy but I thought they lacked other supporting flavors. I just tasted spice.

Holiday Stuffing - These taste just like stuffing, a little like chicken bouillon. They are a little too salty for some.

Cinnamon Spice Crisps

Woman in glasses holding HEB cinnamon spice crisps.

Ahhh my favorites. I bought four bags this morning and I think my husband was disappointed that it wasn't enough. They're pumpkin tortilla chips covered in cinnamon sugar. That sweet and salty, crunchy goodness that I love so much.

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