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HEB Limited Edition Products You Have to Try This Winter

Texas Grocery store, HEB, has new limited edition items for winter. Grab 'em before they leave the shelves.

HEB Sodas - Vanilla Cola & Candy Cane

HEB Soda boxes - yellow with holly trim. Box on top says Limited Edition Candy Cane soda, box below says Limited Edition Vanilla Cola

This is a big deal because we haven’t seen HEB limited edition sodas in years! My best guess is it had something to do with the pandemic. I'm so excited to see them back on the shelves.

We grabbed the vanilla cola, which tastes like Vanilla Coke but is $3 cheaper. Some people swear by this flavor and have been looking for it since it disappeared, so this is definitely a must-try.

The Candy Cane soda has fewer hardcore fans, and I was personally too nervous to try it. Someone commented that it tastes like mouthwash. Still, this is also a return flavor so there must be someone buying it. A cocktail is in there somewhere.

Lumberjack Bacon & Sausage

Lumberjack bacon returns, as it usually does around this time each year. This limited edition flavor is maple & black pepper.

HEB Cafe Ole Christmas Coffee

HEB cafe ole coffee in k-cups or pods for a keurig. Two red boxes, one is Christmas kiss with a cherry on it. It's chocolate and cherry flavored. One is Christmas in a cup flavored and features a coffee mug. This one is a blend of vanilla and spices.

The winter roasts are THE BEST. If Christmas in a Cup never left the shelf, I wouldn't hate it. This flavor is the fan favorite, followed by Christmas Kiss, but honestly, HEB fans love them all. You can't go wrong.

  • Christmas in a Cup Coffee: Blend of spices and vanilla

  • Christmas Kiss Coffee: Chocolate and cherry

  • Pan Dulce Coffee: Sweet caramel and custard

  • Candy Cane Coffee: Peppermint and dark chocolate

Cranberry Pork Smoked Sausages

Cranberry pork sausage packages from HEB grocery store in Texas. A winter limited edition item with maroon labels.

Limited Edition Cranberry Sausages are back! They have both regular sausage and cocktail smokies. There are some absolutely amazing ideas my followers have shared for how to dress these up, here are a few:

  • Top with cranberry sauce or cranberry mustard sauce on a brioche bun

  • Cut up and cook with herby sage butternut squash

  • Use the cocktail smokies for pigs in a blanket or with fancy cheese fondue

Winter Dish Soaps

Winter HEB grocery store limited edition dish soap. Red and Green soap in flavors peppermint bark, tree lighting and iced cranberry orange.

The winter dish soap trio this year includes Peppermint Bark, Tree Lighting, and newcomer Iced Cranberry and Orange. I am obsessed with the cranberry option. I think it's the perfect addition. Tree Lighting is a little fruity - it's not quite what you expect from the name.

Trail Mix

Spiced Apple Cider trail mix has been around for several years. It's an absolutely delicious mix of cinnamon yogurt pretzel balls, apple-flavored pecans, cranberries, and yogurt drops.

Cozy Crunch Trail Mix is one we haven't seen before, but it already has people talking, and the consensus is, it's awesome. This one includes peanuts, milk chocolate candy, chocolate chunks, chocolate/peanut Chex, and almonds.

Central Market Italian Sodas

Cranberry Yuzu and Orange Cinnamon Creme Italian Sodas are both return flavors. I tried these last year and they weren't my personal favorite but there are sure to be people who love both, and they would definitely be good in a cocktail. Strawberry Passionfruit remains my #1.

Volleman's Eggnog Milk

Volleman's has two winter limited edition flavors. Eggnog and Butter Pecan. If you're lucky enough to have Volleman's Milk in your HEB, you should try all the flavors. They're usually really tasty.

Espresso M&Ms

Espresso M&M's, a limited edition winter flavor 2022. Mint colored packaging with brown m&m in a santa hat. Share Size.

Espresso M&M's are brand new and will join the white pretzel snowball M&M's for the 2022 Holiday flavors. I found them at my HEB in Leander in the Christmas Candy aisle.

They’re XL in size but don’t have a filling or nut, just espresso-flavored chocolate. The coffee taste is a nice balance to the sweetness of an M&M. Some are dark chocolate and some are milk chocolate so you get a little variation in flavor which is also fun.

ALL The Winter Ice Cream

HEB Creamy Creations, Swoon, and Blue Bell all have amazing winter ice creams this year. Watch my reel above to see all the flavors.

  • Creamy Creations Gingerbread Cookie Dough

  • Creamy Creations Candy Cane

  • Creamy Creations Winter Wonderland

  • Creamy Creations Spurs Courtside Chocolate Crunch

  • Creamy Creations Eggnog Joy (not pictured in the video)

  • Swoon Pumpkin Cheesecake

  • Swoon Raspberry Danish

  • Blue Bell Christmas Cookies

  • Blue Bell Peppermint

  • Blue Bell Peppermint Bark

  • Blue Bell Eggnog

What limited edition items do you look forward to every Winter? Let me know in the comments.

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