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Retired HEB Products Texans Want Back, Part 2

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Howdy, fellow HEB enthusiasts!

Some of our cherished HEB treasures occasionally leave the shelves, leaving us eagerly awaiting their triumphant return (we hope). This is part 2 of this series on retired HEB products Texns want back.

If you missed part 1, you can catch up right here.

Now, armed with a fresh batch of responses from the community, it's time to shine a spotlight on the products we're all yearning to welcome back with open arms. So, without further ado, let's hop into the Texan time machine and rediscover these HEB finds we're all eagerly anticipating a return of, like, yesterday! 🛒🚀

Whatafries - The HEB & Whataburger Team-Up

Whatafries HEB Whataburger French Fries Chips

Oh, the power of Texan partnerships! When Whataburger and HEB join forces, you just know something amazing is on the horizon. Case in point: the unforgettable creation known as Whatafries chips. These were no ordinary spuds—they were a crispy, golden tribute to all things Whataburger.

But alas, these magnificent chips have disappeared from our shelves, leaving a Texan-sized hole in our snack routine. The longing for that big-ole-Texas crunch is real, my friends.

Who else out there is yearning for the return of these iconic chips? Let's make some noise and bring back the Whatafries! 🍟🤠

Jalapeno Pepper Toppers

HEB Pepper Toppers

Once upon a time, there was an HEB-invented spread called "Pepper Toppers", which could be used to top your burger, meat or sandwich. Five flavors existed including jalapeno balsamic, jalapeno citrus and lime, cherry, habanero, and aji.

"Use them in the same way you'd use a condiment like mayonnaise or mustard to give a spicy boost of flavor to burgers, meats, sandwiches or anything that could use some extra heat."


Buttermilk Pecan Breaded Chicken

HEB buttermilk pecan encrusted chicken

Fresh chicken is dipped in creamy buttermilk and encrusted with crunchy pecan. Yum. This used to be in the grab-and-go hot food section.

HEB Bagged Salsa In Produce

Back in the good ol' days of HEB, there was a gem nestled in the produce section – HEB bagged salsa. It had a distinct charm that set it apart from some of the current offerings. Among the varieties, "Roasted Salsa" seemed to have captured many a Texan heart.

Bacon Rotisserie Chicken

HEB Bacon rotisserie chicken with real bacon

HEB had a honey jalapeño rotisserie chicken that made it to our first list, but there's another rotisserie chicken fans want to see returned as well, and this one involves bacon.

Hand-rubbed chicken with seasoning and topped with bacon crumbles. I want this back too.

Cookie Butter

Looks like peanut butter, but tastes like a spiced shortbread cookie. Could this product have died off when the cookie butter craze faded away? Regardless, some fans want the HEB cookie butter back to spread on toast, pancakes or dip fruit in forevermore.

HEB Love Dip

HEB's love dip is a blend of cream cheese, garlic, and salsa with a hint of lemon juice and tarragon. While it's no longer on the shelves at HEB, you can still find this at Central Market.

Swoon Walnut Carrot Cake Ice Cream

Sweet cream ice cream, cinnamon spiced carrot cake, glazed walnuts and a swirl of cream cheese frosting. Can't believe I never had this Swoon flavor, and now I want it.

Pecan Pie Creamy Creations Ice Cream

The mysterious pecan pie creamy creations. I can't find any photos of this one, but it was supposedly vanilla ice cream, pecan pie clusters, graham crust and maybe a swirl of something. Sounds too good to leave off this list!

Chocolate-Dipped Jalapeños for Valentine's Day

HEB once delighted us with hand-dipped chocolate-covered jalapeños for that special Valentine's Day touch. Picture this: the fiery kick of jalapeños embraced by a luscious chocolate coating. Now, that's a unique treat!

Roasted Corn In Front of The Store?

Fresh roasted corn after your shopping trip? Yes, please! Apparently, some stores offered this circa 2002 and according to one fan, the store in Bryan still does!

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