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The Best Non-Pumpkin Fall Foods at HEB

There are the pumpkin spice folks, and there's everyone else.

Personally, I have a fondness for pumpkin-infused treats, but recognizing that it's not everyone's cup of tea, I've compiled a delectable list of Fall foods at HEB that go beyond the pumpkin craze. These delights capture the essence of the season, no pumpkin required.

Caramel Fall Favorites

Stuffed Puffs Salted Caramel-Filled Marshmallows

Stuffed Puffs Caramel Filled Marshmallows at HEB

If they're anything like the cookies and cream-stuffed marshmallows, they're sure to be good.

Carmelia Creeper Cereal

Carmelia Creeper caramel apple cereal heb grocery stores

Caramel apple-flavored cereal? That's right.

Other Caramel Finds:

- Werther's Carmel Apple-Filled Candy

- HEB Apple Caramel Walnut Pie

- Betty Crocker Salted Caramel Cookie Mix

Apple-Infused Delights

Apple Cinnamon Creamy Creations

apple cinnamon creamy creations ice cream at HEB grocery stores

The most delicious mix of cinnamon ice cream with apple and biscuit pieces.

Apple Pie a la Mode Mochi

My Mochi apple pie a la mode at HEB grocery stores

Vanilla ice cream with a cinnamon & apple center. 🤤

Louisburg Cider Mill Pink Lady Apple Cider

pink lady louisburg apple cider at heb grocery stores

A new apple cider option this year! This product also supports Susan G Komen.

Other Apple Finds:

- HEB Bakery Apple Cinnamon Raisin Bread

- HEB Apple Cinnamon Mini Muffins

- Martha White Apple Cinnamon Muffin Mix

- HEB Bakery Cinnamon Apple Pie

- Cinnamon Apple Pie Apple Spread

- Meal Simple Spiced Apple-Glazed Green Beans

- Apple Crisp Soda

Cinnamon-Spiced Specialties

Cinnamon & Cream Cheese Tamales

cinnamon cream cheese tamales at heb grocery stores for a limited time

Even though I also loved and miss the pumpkin cream cheese tamales, this cinnamon & cream cheese flavor is a great Fall pick.

Buñuelo & Snickerdoodle Cinnamon Creamy Creations Ice Cream

Creamy Creations limited edition bunuelo and snickerdoodle ice creams at heb grocery stores

Both of the new Creamy Creations ice cream limited edition flavors have a cinnamon ice cream base and they're equally delightful. Snickerdoodle was my fave, but my husband loved the buñuelo.

Other Apple Finds:

- Meal Simple - Cinnamon & Sugar Pull-Apart Dessert

- HEB Fall Harvest Baking Mix

Assorted Autumn Flavors:

Apricot Tart Soda

apricot tart limited edition soda at HEB grocery stores

The Apricot Tart is back for the Fall season! It's not quite as tart as I want it to be, but it's still a really good mixer.

Raspberry Danish Ice Cream

Raspberry danish limited edition swoon ice cream at HEB grocery stores

Swoon is HEB's elevated ice cream brand that's a bit richer than Creamy Creations, although I love them both. This year we see the return of the raspberry danish flavor which has many fans.

HEB Pecan Pie Crunchy Almond Butter

pecan pie almond butter crunchy at HEB grocery stores

Not necessarily exclusive to the Fall, but perfect for the season.

HEB Sushiya Fright Roll & Spooky California Roll

halloween-themed sushi fright roll at Sushiya in heb grocery stores

You definitely don't have to like pumpkin to enjoy these Halloween-themed Sushi rolls.

Sweet Potato Casserole and Holiday Stuffing Chips

sweet potato casserole chips

HEB holiday stuffing chips are back and sweet potato casserole chips are new this year for the Fall season.

Limited Edition Kombucha - Cherry Beet & Crisp Apple Cider

central market cherry beat trick or treat halloween kombucha at heb grocery stores

Both Cherry Beet and Crisp Apple Cider kombuchas have been stocked this Fall as a limited edition flavor. I have yet to actually see the apple cider one in person.

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