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Top Dairy-Free & Lactose-Free Products at HEB

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

HEB grocery stores have added so many new products for people with dietary restrictions, so how do you know what to purchase? I don't suffer from a dairy or lactose allergy, so I turned to y'all to help me with this list. Here are your most highly recommended dairy-free products at HEB.

Mootopia Milk, Cottage Cheese, and Ice Cream

If you're lactose-free vs dairy-free, Mootopia needs to be a staple in your house. It's consistently the top fan-favorite product for folks with dietary restrictions that HEB sells.

Mootopia is a lactose-free HEB brand for milk, cottage cheese, and ice cream, and they have truly perfected the taste of these products. My twins love the Mootopia Vanilla Milk, and I've tried the Mootopia Cookies & Cream Ice Cream and couldn't put it down.

HEB's New Higher Harvest Yogurts

HEB recently launched a brand called Higher Harvest, which is meant to cover a variety of dietary lifestyles under its umbrella. Low-carb, zero-sugar, and dairy-free products all live under this new in-house, HEB brand.

One Higher Harvest item people are loving is the new line of yogurts. Many of which, seem to be flying on the shelf and sold out periodically at my store. They have several flavors under each category - dairy-free protein yogurt, coconut-based and almond-based.

Borsin Dairy-Free Spread

Boursin's Dairy Free Garlic and Herb spread has many, many fans. It has a soft, spreadable texture like a cheese spread or cream cheese and can be used in a variety of ways. On a cheese board, a bagel, pasta, or as a dip for mini sweet peppers and carrots.

Daiya Cheese

There was a brief moment when I tried to be dairy-free, and I lived on Daiya sliced cheese. I tried several others and preferred the consistency and texture of Daiya cheese. Daiya now offers a lot of products at HEB that I haven't tried including shredded cheese, pizza, mac & cheez, cream cheese, and even "cheezecake".

Credo Dips

Credo is an Austin, TX brand that's woman founded and owned. A lot of people love their vegan, plant-based dips, and especially their cashew queso. Sadly, I think you can only find the queso at Central Market, but HEB does have a french onion and creamy jalapeno dip to choose from!

Earth Balance Butter

Earth Balance tastes like real butter without the unhealthy fats, plus it's vegan! HEB also has several Earth Balance products to choose from - original buttery spread, soy-free, organic whipped, and olive oil. You can also buy it in butter sticks now for cooking and baking.

Siete Chips

Siete offers a wide range of dairy-free and grain-free chip options, in almost any flavor you could ever want.

Their sweet chips such as the churro strips and Buñuelos Cinnamon Crisps are one of my favorite snacks and they're also dairy-free and grain-free. You can usually find the latter as a limited edition item around the Holidays.

Oatly Milk

When I tried to go dairy-free for the twins, Oatly Milk was another brand that I loved. I tried several milk alternatives at the time and I thought Oatly tasted the most like regular milk. Such a good alternative.

Dairy-Free Creamers - But Everyone Has Their Own Favorite

I regularly drink Planet Oat Caramel Creamer, which I like even more than dairy creamer options. But upon polling my audience on their dairy-free favorites, I found that everyone has their own top pick that they prefer. Here are some of the ones that were mentioned most.

  • Chobani Oat Creamer

  • Planet Oat Creamer

  • Nutpods Creamer

  • Califia Farms Coffee Creamer

I do appreciate that Chobani releases holiday flavors for both its oat and plant-based creamer lines, allowing people with dietary restrictions the opportunity to have fun, rotating options just like everyone else.

Higher Harvest Ice Cream

Higher Harvest also just released a line of ice creams. All are dairy-free and some are zero-sugar as well. Like any good investigative food journalist, I tried three of these recently so that I could let y'all know a final verdict, and two of the three were very good.

I tested:

  • Higher Harvest Non-Dairy Pistachio - made with cashew milk

  • Higher Harvest Non-Dairy & Zero Sugar Buttery Pecan - made with pecan milk

  • Higher Harvest Non-Dairy Salted Caramel Choco Crunch - made with coconut milk

The pistachio is the only one I didn't like. I thought it was nice and creamy but had very little flavor. The zero-sugar ice cream was really fluffy and airy in texture, but the flavor was great. The Salted Caramel Choco Crunch ended up being my favorite. Lots of crunch and a nice caramel swirl. The flavor was delicious and I thought the texture was decent. The latter two are a good ice cream dupe.

Other Dairy-Free Snack Ideas at HEB:

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