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Every Restaurant Menu at HEB Mueller "Food Hall"

HEB Mueller boasts the most restaurants of any HEB grocery store in it's food court aptly named Main Streat Food Hall. There are 5 restaurants total along with a bar at the end.

The Food Hall opened in August, 2020 and recently changed out two of it's restaurants, losing grilled cheese place The Meltery and taco joint Calle Taqueria and gaining South Flo Pizza and a new burger place called The Iron Grill.

main streat food hall in heb mueller with five restaurants

HEB Mueller's Main Streat Restaurant Menus

The Iron Grill

The Iron Grill is HEB's only burger, hot dog, and sandwich restaurant. This brand new concept quietly launched at HEB Mueller in Fall 2023.

the iron grill HEB burger restaurant in heb mueller main streat food hall

HEB Restaurant The Iron Grill Full Menu with prices

Here's the HEB Iron Grill Full menu with prices. The We P-B-Jammin burger is amazing.

Yumai Japanese Grill

Yumai serves up rice and noodle bowls and Japanese-style vegetable, chicken,beef, and shrimp skewers.

Yumai Japanese Grill at HEB Mueller in Austin, TX

HEB Restaurant Yumai Japanese Grill Full Menu with prices

HEB Yumai Japanese Grill menu with prices (as of Jan 2024).

Roots Chicken Shak

Roots Chicken Shak is not an HEB restaurant. It's owned by celebrity chef Tiffany Derry from Top Chef. The Shak serves up chicken and fries fried in duck fat and has a streamlined menu to eliminate food waste.

Chef Tiffany Derry Restaurant Roots Chicken Shak in HEB Mueller Main Streat Food Hall in Austin, TX

Roots Chicken Shak Full Menu with Prices

Roots Chicken Shak menu with prices (as of Jan 2024)

HEB South Flo Pizza

South Flo Pizza has long been my favorite HEB restaurant. The pizza is amazing and I like being able to customize my order with the screen. You'll find more of these in stores in the San Antonio area.

South Flo Pizza at HEB Mueller in Austin, TX

South Flo Pizza Full Menu with prices at HEB Mueller food hall

HEB South Flo Pizza menu with prices (as of Jan 2024).

True Texas BBQ

The main HEB restaurant popping up in many stores across Texas, True Texas BBQ is becoming an icon.

True Texas BBQ restaurant in heb mueller austin, tx

True Texas BBQ Full menu with prices in HEB Mueller Food Hall

HEB True Texas BBQ menu with prices (as of Jan 2024).

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